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  1. If you're gonna spend your Thanksgiving in AC, at least spend it at the Borgata. The Taj is a shithole.
  2. I almost fell out of my chair laughing when i read this.NH sir.
  3. At least there's some entertainment value in 3 card poker. Slots is like throwing your money into the ocean, only not as fun.
  4. My kids will definitely play poker. It's a great game, and I hope they can find the same enjoyment from it that I have.
  5. It is a sick play, but not for the reason you think it is.
  6. Yeah, so I had a terrible night tonight playing poker, so I decided to blow off some steam playing blackjack on Absolute. It was pretty much the most ridiculous run of cards (as far as blackjack goes) that I've ever had. I was up 500 in about 15 minutes betting between 25 and 50 a hand. The moral of the story? Playing blackjack to try and get even is a good idea.
  7. The 90's Blue Jays being the official team of FCP makes me cry.I'm a Phillies fan. Damn you, Mitch Williams.
  8. I don't know what's worse: this thread, or that you think Michael Vick is a good quarterback.
  9. Chucksty is pretty much the man.Also, I was a jazz studies major at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh before I dropped out of school to get married and eventually get into playing poker for a living. Maybe someday I'll be as good as chucksty.Also Chuck, you wanna start a band? I play sax. I'd probably have to get it out and dust it off first though. lol, j/k. Congrats on the big win.
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