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  2. thats because the calls are fake, the first caller was jeff schulman, listen to the voice, he has a distinct voice.
  3. come on people, he folded an OESF when the worst he could do was come 2nd, and the best was to have a workable stack vs Gold HU. Tilly play is the worst, this is a close second.
  4. my friend hates Norman Chad with a passion( I like him) he hates him so much he created this blog. there are some pretty funny things in there, check it out when you get a chance.http://firenormanchad.blogspot.com/
  5. there are links everywhere, check my new avatar for the "look". maybe i will have tshirts made and become a millionaire off JT sweet checks on the turn and rivermuahahhahahaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha
  6. curious as to how one checks and calls from the button
  7. don't raise that mess preflop .QQ84? wow
  8. Gee, who could that player have been...from Poker Wire: He's dethroned Kantor as the Donkey giant killer!did he bet 15k and call 40k or did he bet 25k and call 150kthe 2 reports are not making senseif it was the latter(150k) horribleif it was the first he can't fold
  9. Again, I disagree, without more information from the hand. The pot was most certainly raised preflop, lets assume "donk" raised preflop, and Barry called. On the flop the "donk" almost certainly bet out, and Barry, knowing he had nothing, called with his set of 10's being the best hand. Barry was trapping him obviously. Turn came, "donk" bet out huge, and Barry reraises allin (for very little more), and the "donk" HAS to call. He got lucky with the J, Barry was unlucky after having made a good read and getting all his chips in with the best hand, but that's poker. Have an aggressive bluff g
  10. Better to go out that way than have to deal with what happened to me...NO_LIMIT TEXAS_HOLDEM $0+$0 (Real Money), #48,256,907 FCP Forum Challenge Multi Table Tournament, 26 Jan 2006 9:41 PM ET Seat 2: SAM_Hard80 ($1,525 in chips) Seat 3: Figger0 ($4,580 in chips) Seat 4: vvganeshavv0 ($8,052 in chips) Seat 5: Custom36 ($680 in chips) Seat 7: ajs510-fcp ($7,663 in chips) ANTES/BLINDSSAM_Hard80 posts blind ($75), Figger0 posts blind ($150).PRE-FLOPvvganeshavv0 bets $450, Custom36 folds, ajs510-fcp calls $450, SAM_Hard80 folds, Figger0 folds.FLOP [board cards 10H,7C,9S ]vvganeshavv0 be
  11. I'd be more comfortable calling this preflop raise with 98s as opposed to A9s. Thoughts?100% agreeI always would rather have 67 then KJ or 78 then KQ(in a situation you're talking about. so easy to play, hard to go broke. KQ you flop 1 of the 2 and its goodnight when you're dominated.
  12. oh dear god. that is the greatest reply in the history of replies. fantastic dude.do I need to pay any royalties if I steal this line?
  13. well we are nieghboors almost twiceI deal at excalibur and live off eastern and pyle
  14. where do you deal? just curious, I am a dealer too
  15. Tickets will be in the accounts sometime on Wednesday.ty
  16. I am a charter member and I saw the tourney listed in the lobby. it siad I should have a tourn ticket in the "my account" tab section.it was not there.what should I do?
  17. how did u do it, if u dont mind me askingComputer game called "The Movies"It's kind of a Sims style game, and as you progress, you can make more and more detailed movies. But there's also another game mode, where you can give yourself money, and then it's easier to just make movies, and you're not worrying about all the other stuff along the way. But either way, as you progress you can do more and more. My game is still in the 1950's, lol. So it's not bad for what I had.how much was the game? does it auotmaticaly download?
  18. just curious how someone elses poker play makes you angry and upset
  19. DC using some new tactics(checking behind DN more) he is also making IMO excellent value bets. he still will never 3 bet preflop, raises every time on the button, and never folds pre.
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