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  1. I'm hating the new software. I don't like how nearly everything opens in a new window... I don't need 300 windows opened up at once. I think a poker site should try to avoid opening internet browser windows as much as possible. You shouldn't click a tab and have it open a new window. There is a reason why it's tabbed... it's tabbed to break up areas of that one frame, not be used for new window links... Feels really pieced together right now.The tournament layout window is confusing and overwhelming. There's like a hundred different things happening and I'm not even going to be bothered with t
  2. Yeah... I was waiting for some sort of hand for like 30 hands and the blinds were eating me alive... Finally got KJ.. (seriously best hand I had seen for 3 blind passes) I push, guy has A10, flop is rags, turn is the beautiful K... river is the ugly A. Oh well!
  3. I'm struggling to stay alive with 112k in chips.
  4. Not sure if this issue has been addressed yet... What happens with bonus money/points/fcp points?We lose them? They get transferred? What?
  5. Eh just because some magazine posts it with the entire area covered up does not prove it's authenticity. It just means someone could have submitted the fake to the magazine and they used it for juicy gossip.
  6. Nah, it can be used to make you look like a complete donk too.
  7. http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/science/770f/I picked mine up there. They have a million and one uses!
  8. I've probably made roughly $15,000 in 3 years. Currently sitting on like $300 in my BR because I have really bad BR managing skills and constantly play outside my limit, yet somehow my insane donk luck allows me to profit sometimes. :PIf I had more BR control I'd probably be making $15,000 a month by now.
  9. So I was bored and happened to have all of these objects close by... and I decided to assemble it into greatness.Materials needed:1 small flat magnet2 cards of your choosing. (Krablar is demonstrated here)1 FCP poker chip or any poker chip with a metal insert.Arrange the materials like so:Attach to metal surface! Bonus points for placing other poker related crap nearby. (I've chosen the "retarded donkey" figurine as shown)Great for display around your computer desk, car, on the fridge covering up photos of ugly relatives, etc!
  10. Okay here is the dilemma. You can't play it as if it were just a 3 way game because those two players are going to constantly have the edge in position. You can't possibly play too aggressive against them for several reasons:1. they will call with anything that looks good to them because even if they miss the flop, they know they will still have plenty of chances to get free blinds from the Away people to get their chips back2. if they hit on the flop you're screwed.Aggressive style only really works if you're getting people to fold... but these people aren't going to fold as they have too swe
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