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  1. As I mentioned in a previous post, I setup a blog so that those who would like to can keep track of my progress at the World Series. I can even update it from the table. My starting day is Thursday, so feel free to stop by and find out how things are going. By the way for those of you who don't pick me in the World Series draft, you are fools.http://softwaretestwsop.blogspot.com/Thanks...Brian
  2. Screw you (SW).Oh (SW) = Sarcasim WarningSeriously though welcome to the forum
  3. I don't like the rule, as referenced in my post above, however Poker is war. As long as the rule exists and there are hundreds of thousands if not millions on the line, you bet your Ass. I am calling the floor when I am heads up.
  4. I think that the rule will go away as soon as ESPN is filming one of these final tables, and gets the dramatic ending that they have always hoped for, one player being blinded off during a penalty. I can't wait to hear Norman Chad's commentary: "Well Lon, he just picked up AA, oh but wait he is on penalty". The end of this rule is near.
  5. No offense man, but don't you think the site should have been ready before sending out the press release? Not trying to flame you or Josh. As a matter of fact I really think that he seems to be a great guy, but I think that having the site delayed, after sending out the press realease, concidering the whole poker school fiasco, is probably the last thing that he needed. Although I would imagine that he is probably focussed on other issues like the wsop.By the way as a person who runs a Software Testing company, I can say that you really have done some nice work with these sites.
  6. Sorry this guy may get second, but for the last time I am going to win it. Wow, how great will that be, you will all be able to tell your friends that you heard it here first.
  7. I leave for the main event on Wednesday. I play on the first day. I figured out how to update my blog from the floor so feel free to check it out on Thursday. I'll post the link again, but in case I forget here it is:http://softwaretestwsop.blogspot.com/
  8. Smash I paid $15 for my seat, I would say its +ev either way. By the way if you are smart you pick me in your draft, because I plan to win the whole thing.
  9. I hear that you get a free Atlanta Poker School Class with each shirt purchased (sw).
  10. You must have missed this post from the other day.http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...ighlight=rigged
  11. digitalmonkey - oldschool poster - home IP banned for flame war - supposedly reinstated but still cannot access - campaign to have his IP reinstated underway. I should work for Reuters.How come you never post in the army anymore, blaze?Justblaze - law firm clerk - came under fire from superiors for massive waste of corporate resources - now posts covertly - hand always on alt-tab - also extremely lazy.Justblaze - law firm clerk who doesn't realize that they ARE TRACKING HIS INTERNET USAGE, AND WILL SOON BE FIRED. Stop the madness man, post from home.By the way your boss at a law firm finding
  12. I have an idea, why don't we create a special section of the forum devoted only to raising the WSOP buyins. That way all of the bung holes who want to post this thread can hang out together.
  13. For the last time, we already have a 25K championship, and look what it drew a wopping 452 players. The World Series should not be changed for the following reasons:1. Harrahs is makeing a butt load of money on the vig 452 players will never pay as much in fees as 6600.2. The prizepool for the WPT Championship was tiny when compared to the WSOP.3. Lastly, for all of you who complain about who wins the WSOP, lets just take one look at who won the WPT Championship.
  14. final tbl. is a million dollars...if i were rich to start with yes call..if i saved to be in the main event i would fold...call me stupid if u likeI don't think that you have anything to worrry about. You will never find yourself in this situation. Because with each bump up in money you would be saying to yourself, a fold here and I win an extra 10K, 20K, 50K, ect. If you plan on folding AA in these situations, then you will never make it to the top 11 spots.
  15. Well I think that the wsop just does not carry the same prestidge as it used to (sw).
  16. What I think is funny, is since he was called out about the Ace on the board lie, he disappeared.
  17. Man the people on this board are HORRIBLE. Hmm I have someone who always calls my bets, so I think I will try to bet them out of the pot. Good luck with that strategy. Here is a thought if they are always going to call your bets, why not wait until you have them beat, then start betting.By the way it is not Tight/Passive, but Tight/AggresiveAm I seeing double, oops wrong button
  18. Man the people on this board are HORRIBLE. Hmm I have someone who always calls my bets, so I think I will try to bet them out of the pot. Good luck with that strategy. Here is a thought if they are always going to call your bets, why not wait until you have them beat, then start betting.
  19. Rainbow Connection - By Kermit the FrogMan I cannot loose when that song comes on. I feel compelled to play whatever is in my hand.
  20. Fine, I'll PM you. But I doubt you'll play me. Guys like you are all talk no action.Wow, it is getting really quiet in here. Smash are you a pshycic or what. You said the guy would disapear, and poof. Seriously though I think its funny how out of the two or three hundred times I have seen a challange laid down, I have NEVER seen one happen. Come on Phish put your money where your mouth is, post your username so we can all come watch you get your A$$ kicked.
  21. yesSee even Lucky knows he has read my posts.
  22. Yes, as I have told you all several times over the past few months, I am going to win the world series. I still don't understand why my name is not listed as one of the people that you can bet on. You would think someone from these sports books would be reading these forms so they could create a line for me. Oh by the way Ted there is helucinating, I will rip that guy to shreads if we meet up at the final table. How exactly do you show down a four card straight, at a televisied final table.
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