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  1. that guy just summarized the entire thread, way to go... you could have been a 14 year old and done that...I guess you clarified that all those guys with all that money aren't bad tippers & they all no how to play in turn... NEAT, thanks for the amazing inside info... You were also able to tell us what I and others have said, no one knows who the big loser is in the game, there are just rumors out there!!!!!ONCE AGAIN, let me commend you on an amazingly informative post.
  2. I am in between my second and third year of law school... but contracts is covered in the first year and I have a strong grasp on all the concepts & have already had legal experience working for law firms dealing with contracts...First of all I am under an ethical obligation not to give legal advice randomly over the internet like this... so it is not like you can just post the contract and all of us who are lawyers or in law school can comment...But if you get the contract & are seriously thinking about signing something, post to this thread and I will get together with you, then depe
  3. I can't believe my message was so hard to decipher... but it happens...as far Gus Hansen being the big loser in the big game, I don't know that for sure it is simply me passing on a rumor that I have heard hanging around the pokerroom... If anyone cares I have heard that both in Vegas & in Tunica from different people... Also, in you look at Daniel's blog archive Daniel talks about being stuck 1,000,000 at one point in the big game while in LA. He said that they got down to 3 handed with him, Gus, and Phil Ivey, and that all three of them were the losers in the game that night to that po
  4. I have watched the big game live in both Vegas & in Tunica. When there is a 10,000 dollar buy in tournament and the big game players are there, they play it...Daniel also talked about them playing it in LA earlier this year.People playing the night I saw the game in Tunica:Doyle, Daniel, Phil, Chip, Jen Harmon, Chau Ging, Lyle Berman, Gus Hansen... And I think someone else but I can't remember... I remember it being 9 players that night because the big joke in the poker room all night was that there was a seat open on 12 (the table number they were playing at).I have always heard that Gus
  5. What if:Raymer - 04Moneymaker - 03Varkoni - 02Mortensen - 01Ferguson - 00Furlong - 99Nyguen - 98Unger - 97Seed - 96Harrington - 95played a sit n' go?How would you place them? Assuming Stu wasn't dead, of course.My list:1) Unger2) Mortenson3) Harrington - squeeks out the money4) Seed5) Raymer6) Ferguson7) Nyguen8) Moneymaker9) VarkoniI can't rank Furlong because I know nothing about him... but that is how I think they would finish... really, really hard to do, what do you guys think?
  6. I think that everyone can agree that if Raymer wins two ME's in a row it will be a poker accomplishment that will historically forever be remembered.I think it would be analogous to something like if Johnny Damon were to go on to break J. Dimaggio's consecutive games with a hit record. It would be an amazing accomplishment by an "All-Star" but not legendary player. By breaking J. Dimaggio's record Damon would not immediately be considered a better player than Dimaggio, just a player who accomplished an amazing feat and a player who would be remembered for that feat, not his career - similiar
  7. I have never played in FCP events or with anyone from FCP, but I would play in the tourney just to prove a point.
  8. If anyone cares about Josh Arieh he is at 10100 right now...you can get updates on his personal site www.josharieh.comHe also said "the play at his table is so amateur"he is an A$$
  9. Remember that kid Jon Murphy who made a run last year, I think he started today, anyone know if he did and a chip count
  10. Remember when playing in the WSOP was a big deal... that was in like the 1970s... 10k really meant something then...If you threw 10 grand in a solid interest bearing investment in the 70's you would have over a million bucks...So, those guys who use to play 10k tournaments back then were true gamblers... they were not afraid to put their livelyhood outhere because they believed they were just that good.I think the main event should cost 100k to buy in... so we can actually see a smaller field of elite talents once again...Now days any chump who has watched Rounders one to many times can save f
  11. Quick point:In a recent interview Mickey Appleman talked about his days running around with Stu Unger and Doyle... and how they gambled... He talked about making in excess of 600K on one golf shot.To be willing to go broke year after year you have to have true GAMBLE... this guy has it. He quit poker for a while though to concentrate on handicapping sports. His philosophy "I do it different then other pros, I shoot from the hip..."I dont think Phil, Johnny, or Siedel have that type of gamble...I think Scotty or Tomko could be correct also... Tomko definetly has GAMBLETJ is a degenerate craps
  12. where are you getting these updates from, I am getting updates from cardplayer.com... are you at the event right now... who is taking care of Mushu and playing golden tee if you are at the Rio?
  13. I would like to share a short story:I live near and play in Tunica 4 times a week, but I am not a pro... I love the game and I do win (NOW, that is)...I broke into poker red hot several years ago, before I actually turned 21. I won because I played correctly. But then I started running bad, and took some really bad beats... I fell into this pattern, I would start a session get up, and then take a bad beat and end up losing for the session... often times after doubling my starting bankroll.Then one day... I had a pair of Aces in a 10-20 limit game. The flop came A35 rainbow... I had raised
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