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  1. Huck busted his seed all over me. Do I win?
  2. That is a terrible stroy, but quit lending the *** money. Y would u keep giving and giving?
  3. I was planning on playing friday, sat, and sunday tournies. Do they all start at 12pm? Do you need to get there super early to register or can you do it like 1/2 hr before? Can you pay with a debit card? I will probably call them but I wasn't sure if anyone knew. Goodluck on Monday!
  4. hey grim, someone has a question for you.
  5. I was going to play in a later event (event 47). Should I try to register now, or will I be ok to register a few days before?---I do not want to be an alternate, but it looks like some people who have pre-registered are getting stuck.Can I get a players card at the Rio or do I have to go to Harras to get one?
  6. I will be seeing you at he final table in event 47!!!
  7. Just went to request a payout and Western Union is gone. Is check by mail still taking forever for everyone?If I do a $ transfer, where would I pick it up at?----Has anyone tried this?Thanks all!!
  8. don't mean to hijack, but did they remove western union payouts?and how would a $ transfer work?Neways gl im railin
  9. What is the deal? <Sienfeld voice>
  10. Keystone got me thru the poor college years
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