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  1. The minute he dealt below the deck, I would have warned the guy and if he did it again - popped him in his grill. I don't care if it's a .50/$1 or a $200/$400 game, cheating is freekin cheating.....leave that stuff to the politicians and CEO's.....keep it the hell out poker.....
  2. There's a guitar solo in that song? .....but I guess there's one in Beat It by one Edward Van Hallen so even a crap ass song by an alien can have some redeeming value...
  3. It's all good....we all need the occasional Twinkie while were eating healthy! A little guilty pleasure never hurt anyone...
  4. My next 2 worst songs on my iPod by far are...."Barbie Girl" by Aquafollowed closely by...."Cherry Pie" by Warrant :dance: :oops: :oops: :dance:
  5. Give us one! Give us THE SONG you hate to admit you love the most.... :?:
  6. Holy Crap! A Karate Kid reference...."You're the best Around" is pure gold! Imagine pushing all in with that blaring in your headphones.... :shock:
  7. Now that's brutal...but you're right, for sheer mid-80's pop value, it's hard to top Kenny Loggins and friends on the Top Gun soundtrack..."I feel the need....the need fur speed!"
  8. ....mine's EASY, 'N Sync - "Pop" :dance: I know....I know.....my Man Pass is in serious danger of being revoked after letting that secret out.Come on now, you guys ALL KNOW that you're kickin’ some lame ass pop boy band song when you got the headphones on at the tables. You may SAY it's Ludacris or The White Stripes but you KNOW you're bumpin' Backstreet Boys or Ashley Simpson...buck up and admit it here....in front of the whole poker world... :shifty:
  9. Great....and I'm 3 months in to a 5 year purchase on my gas guzzling beast......must have a Hemi......must have a Hemi......must have a Hemi.....IDIOT! :doh:
  10. Looks like Greg is "lucky" to make it to the final table of a 2000 player WSOP event with the chip lead AGAIN this year…Geek or not, the guy has skills, end of story.
  11. I paid $2.16/gl a week ago but it's gone up since then so I think I'm looking at around $2.20/glNot to mention I drive a Dodge 1500 with the 33 gallon tank so I'm ABSOLUTELY LOVING LIFE right now.......nothing like dropping $80 a tank full....I think of all the $1/$1 on-line games I could take down with that money every time I squeeze the handle on the pump!!!!!!! :wall:
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