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  1. Hi all i used to current this forum but had stopped playing online until recently, Im posting this because i want to ask everyone here what has changed in online poker in the last year or so ??
  2. Any thoughts on Noble,Titan,CD,VIP,Fair, those type skin sites for SNG??NEVER go to any noble skin for anything, shittiest poker sites ever do not go to noble i repeat DO NOT
  3. umm how does even a great poker player go from 1000s of dollars in debt to haveing millions in a few monthsand zimmer why didnt you introduce us to your brother??
  4. thats 2 addictions in one post wow
  5. all fish chase gutshots, few chase gutshots to 4 card straits
  6. why play the best players???No guts No gloryTell me you didnt want to play basketball against Michael Jordan or Larry Bird (depending on age)Even if they would have no mercy and would KILL you, you would play them for the experienceIn poker this is somewhat different because you have almost* no chance to beat MJ or Big Bird but if you play poker against one of the greats you could actually win not in the long run but that one sng or one HU match you have a chance*MJ breaks his leg and forfeits"With unlimited time and space everything will happen, even the impossible"-interstate 60
  7. Eat Sh!t and kill yourselfsignedEVERYONE
  8. anyone have any new years resolutions having to do with poker???I know i want to polish up my no limit game and need to read HOH2 anyone else?
  9. not that big of a deal u mighta been able to get an extra couple bucks outa him but your all in move was ok because if you win 1-5 dollars on the river when he calls with his 2 pair or set andwhen you move in and he just cant lay down his set of aces you will double upcould have made more money, yesterrible move, nobig deal, no
  10. would you like a sticker or a cookie
  11. step1-take a credit card from mommys pursestep 2-deposit 100 dollars on FTPstep 3- play LHE until you are playing at the 1000/2000 with mike matasowstep 4-withdraw everything but 100 dollarsstep 5- buy as many preteen cambodian prostitutes as you can affordstep 6- have fun with your hookers for 2 weeksstep 7- come back to FTP and play NLHE until you are playing 1000/2000 with mike matasowok other than the cambodian hookers and mommys money i am seriousif you can work your way to the top level of online poker you will be able to turn pro........and finnally move out of ur parents basement
  12. yes a wonderful and informative book will really help your tournament game but after reading the book and even the first three chapters these results are not typical, this is not a magic book, there is a lot of luck in tourneys and not bashing the OP but i am sure there was some luck involved.nice score OP
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