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    I want One of those poker Bracelet thingys :)
  1. This is being run the Miami coconut groove Area. The charity event is to benefit the Diabetes research and wellness foundation. Some very nice prizes are being offered so read on and check out the link.Info:BIG SLIK is proud to announce our Inaugural Poker Tournament benefiting The Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation. It will be held the 12th of May 2007. We will be providing every participant with a brunch starting promptly at 11:00AM until 12:00PM, at Cielo Restaurant and Club. We will then have a friendly game of Texas No-Limit Poker. There will be plenty of prizes given away.$150.00
  2. Isn't this like standing in a bar with a beer in your hand and asking someone...."where do i get a drink?"Its more like being at a club and asking if there be any woman.............................and ITS LADIES NIGHT!!To anwser your question .. pretty much any poker site you goto are offering a wsop seat. Take your pick on sites.
  3. I echo this comment...and add over confidence when i have a big chip stack.
  4. I echo this comment...and add over confidence when i have a big chip stack.
  5. I echo this comment...and add over confidence when i have a big chip stack.
  6. I echo this comment...and add over confidence when i have a big chip stack.
  7. you know i was going elaborate more.. but umm,, i think it would be safer for me to drop that subject like its hot. I can agree and guess no real bankroll just running on pay. But BIG cash Buyin.
  8. stop.someone robs you or whoops your ass, you ain't callin the fire dept.some are cool, some are tools, some are just doing their job.Ya, its true, You cant hate cops.hating cops is something teens and scum of society do.When you get a real life and start making money you'll soon realise you're getting paid a lot more money then these cops who have to deal with a lot of gross, and brutal situations.I thank them for not being the brightest peopleYup I agree not to bright! but yet I see more cops at high stakes games than regular peeps. As I gaze at your avatar!! With my mp3 player
  9. How about the Pokeroom? what would rate them for SNG play?
  10. I know BetonUSA I placed on a (Live) money event they sponsored last year (Pokerbowlusa.com). When it goes to Prima skins, and I'm not a big fan of there software. But I'll give them a try.UB, Fulltilt sounds good. Party scares me . I learned the game from there site many many many moons ago. And made my first online deposit with them too. And had a horror story with there Customer care. I vowed never to go back to them. I'm sure they have allot fishy there but I would have to give it some real hard thought before I go back to them.Any thoughts on Noble,Titan,CD,VIP,Fair, those type skin site
  11. I want to switch to just one or two sites and just concentrate on them.Lately Iv been jumping around many difference sites playing SNGs.And I have had low winnings lately.What I'd like to know in your opinion which site has made you the most $$$$. I play between $10-$30 SNGs. There two sites that i refuse to spend not 1 more cent on. But I'll keep that to myself till I read your response.In hopes that I don't get flamed for this question.
  12. Theres a Place here in Miami where you can play poker and at the same time have a striper serving ya... drinks that is.. :Pgames are freerolls but its ok ..get some eye candy while yah play pokah Monday Nights Club called Hotties Gentleman's Club.
  13. I checked the pre-registration link. It says $2500 is good for any WSOP event. its not split. So I'm assuming its just for the seat. I know that the other events they have include a $500 accommodation voucher. But i guess this one doesn't. Oh well still a good deal if you figure $150 for a $2500 seat. (if u win )Sounds good to me.
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