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  1. We all have to start somewhere when we learn the game of No-Limit Holdem.So i am asking everyone where does a guy start.does he start reading books on Starting Hand Requirements?does he start just playing and learn by trial and error?all i am asking is where does a guy start, what books to read, what are important concepts to master.Layne Flack, i am sure just didnt walk into the card room without knowing how to play before. what did he do to get where he is today?
  2. I want to become a pro No-Limit Holdem Player, like just about everybody i know.What are the things you need to know inorder to even consider yourself as a pro?example: all pre-flop odds, all outs, all types of betting strategies, ect. ect.it would be nice to get a list of things that a person should know this way I could focus on each thing individually in a structed format. Instead of jumping from topic to topic. I am not looking for someone to post all the pre-flop odds or outs ect ect, but just a list of things to work on, and i of coarse would do my own research on the things listed.Pr
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