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  1. it doesn't matter what site you pick that has.01/.02 honestly, in the end you're gonna end with pretty much the same results....but hell if you can actually focus and actually care about the game and not take sick beats then you should come out a winner
  2. **** making $11 an hour so far at the .05/.10 that 110BB money....you should be playing in the BIG GAME!....gl seriously though, hopefully you haven't gone 'broke'
  3. fav. fight, i dunno, but Austin vs. McMahon was good tonight
  4. So anywho...I keep dreaming about friggin alligators, like 3 times in the past month...there are like 100 gators that show up slowly, but the y lay side by side until I decide to start messing with them....no clue what the hell it means.Point is, its intersting (but annoying for me) to have these kind of repetitive dreams, I used to have some as a kid, as being paralyzed and semi-blind, but I read up on figured out it is probably about being powerless, which did make since to me as I had some stuff back in the day...Anyhow, I'm interested in what everyone who is interested to see what they say
  5. unsootered J9 wins 12.8% more of the time than J9 sootered according to my calculator
  6. damn dude, you're really on my case tonight...what the hell is hideout?
  7. I still can't believe this topic is still alive......this could be the highest posted/viewed topic in any forum ever, seriously
  8. I just never win with it dude, call it superstitious, but whatever
  9. Well technically if you're a pretty good player, at 3/6, avg'ing around 1.5 BB an hour playing 4 tables, thats $36/hour.....I wouldn't mind making $72k a year....simple as that if thats trueBut....playing that many tables at a time, at THEE best, I would assume 1-1.3 BB at best....so lets just say 1.3BB an hour times 4 tables is a little over $31 an hour, its still not bad for $62k a year IF there is 40 hours a week played
  10. ditto....real cheap, but yes, he is right, but im not saying that he cant kick the shizzit outta him. Just not invite him back if the table is strongly against him. You also need to set the rules straight next time as house games have different rules, and this is probably one of them, about flipping cards up. Technically in a cash game, even DN has said this in his blog that he has flipped cards up before making a decision. It used to be allowed in tourneys, but now its not allowed.So point is, yeah he has a right to be pissed, but technically its his own fault
  11. Nh to a guy who didn't have position or odds to call with AJ off....and then see who catches on the sarcasm
  12. A-J never bother me cause I refuse to play it unless im in position of one off the cutoff or better.....i hate though being 3-4th off the BB and having any PP 99 or less
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