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  1. how many main event entries this year?
  2. Bullsmash Smasharoo! I think Juanda, Lindgren, Fischman, Ferguson, and other tourney specialists have figured out how they can make the most money! It doesn't matter if their rate is less than the best cash game players.....let me explain why dumbazz.....it only matters that their own rate playing tourneys is greater than their own rate playing ring games.
  3. This is always so stupid. If Chris Ferguson, John Juanda, Erik Seidel, or whomever find it very profitable over the long run playing tourneys what do you say to them? Nice run of luck there Erik...hope it holds up another 20 years for you! Luck is the biggest factor at any one tourney just like it is the biggest factor in any one hand or night at a ring game. So what! Give me stock in tourney results from Seidel, Juanda, and Ferguson over the next 10 years!
  4. No! People that do well in tourneys are not suckers. Do you see the point? The point is to make money. If someone spends as much time playing tourneys as you do playing ring games, but makes more money at the end of the year they ARE NOT a sucker. Once again, do you see the difference?
  5. " Tournaments are for suckers" is the dumbest thing that gets said around here. If "suckers" are playing ring games aren't ring games for suckers? When you're winning at ring games it is because there are suckers losing at ring games!
  6. I like 17,18 suited.....no one ever puts you on it!
  7. Cast your own vote to put some limits on stupid polls:http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...2085&highlight=
  8. I'm not even sure if Annie plays any more. You don't even see her on UB the last 6 months. I don't get the need to compare. I've read Banker, Professor, and Suicide King, so I have a lot of respect for Jennifer. As for the person that said that Jennifer hasn't done well lately....what??? If her Q,Q doesn't get cracked she may very well have won the circuit event. If the public is 99 percent wrong about 2 given players, so what? Is there some consolation to player B if the public thinks that they are better than player A even though A wins hundreds of thousands more than B year in and ye
  9. Always keep an extra mouse handy when playing online!
  10. Place your vote for the end of stupid polls:http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...2085&highlight=
  11. Cast your vote here against stupid polls!http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...2085&highlight=
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