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  1. I did not read your last post. I retract my statement completely
  2. lol drawingdeadDM. I remember a thread a long time ago where you defended NEVER folding KK preflop to the death. Do you still stand by that?
  3. you need it to play Stacked 2.ship it holla.
  4. as long as you have the BR for it AND enough pride to move down when you need to, I say take a shot at the 22's. except know this, 150 sngs is random walk where ANY losing player can come out as a OMG 50% ROI I MUST BE PRO. btw, i'm the guy who 15-tables on stars
  5. konidas are you broke from playign 10/20 yet?
  6. I can't seem to find ANY that are registering D:I see them, but they release so little, that they fill up fast...what's up with that?nvm, just the filters suck. don't use thme
  7. someone ban mcd donk. it's obvious he's foxwoodspro. btw, don't measure our validity and integrity over a internet forum.we're just not as worked up over a internet user's opinion on someone we don't know and one that will have no effect in our lives one way or another.please, get a life.learn to respect other people's opinion. how do you know stu ungar was the "best poker player alive!11!111" Were you there to play with the man? Do you have ONE hand history? One hand he played? No, all you have are other people's OPINIONS to go by. You are an impressionist and a romantist that loves t
  8. lol speedz why are you acting like this? you don't act like this in neverwin
  9. it's very ironic that you quetion his life when you yourself wrote a 3 paragraph responce to his short remark. I'm positive you take criticism well.
  10. oooh oops, i thought this was the the hideout for a weird reason. carry on.
  11. Hi. My name is Nick and I regularly 6-table the $30+3's SnG's @ Party. Please welcome me with open arms .
  12. the thing is, both types of plays are both right and wrong. you should be playing towards equity and pushing any +EV you have. well at least in the high levels you should. i guess in the $20+'s you shouldn't play too much towards small edges as your skill should give you better edges, but at 109+ and up, eveyrone basically knows what they're doing, so skills level out and the one that pushes the most edges win. that is why it's always best to play with equity always in mind and not "playing for first" or "making money".
  13. nice calls on both. maybe i'm just loosey goosey, but you have to make these calls.
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