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  1. Didn't realize there were so many APC and Tool fans on the forum.Maynard is my favorite poet. What does that damn Live metaphor mean? know I'm thinking about it...
  2. ek703

    stu unger

    I am confident there Stuey has been romanticized by many and degraded by others... but there are enough big players that talk of him so highly i tend to lean in that way.
  3. Tool Radiohead - the bends recently the decembrists the deftones jack johnson mason jennings ice cube fiery furnaces all have their place, but radiohead is taking prevalence in my life right now, just seems to fit.
  4. I know that the poker world = Hold'em, but I think 7 card requires more skillz, PLO and PLO/8 are also pretty skill intensive, of course maybe this is because it seems easy beating the super donkeys in hold'em.
  5. My girlfriend just moved to Madison for law school and if I am going to make conjugal visits I would like to know if there are any live games in the area. I know there are casinos in WI, but not really sure how many of them offer poker and where they are located. Any help is appreciated.
  6. I agree with mexico, you don't know where the boundary is until you find it. I will say that most are averse to the idea of scat parties in the taco bell bathroom... but ya never know until you try
  7. THE SHOCKER........ love it.
  8. I am not sure a CC makes it safer, I started an additional savings account that I use for all of my transactions. Combined with online banking I can keep the balance at $5-10 most of the time. Makes me feel much safer.
  9. ek703

    beer challenge

    13 beers in 2 1/2 hours, after a double shift... five hours of sleep... today hurts
  10. ek703

    gas prices

    I think those projections for 06 are a bit high, but you can expect gas prices to continue to rise in the 2x-3x inflationary band. Which could put them around 3.25/gal in a year. The real concern should not be the fact that prices are currently soaring, but the fact that demand will at some point in the future (link below discusses differing opinions on when) oil production will peak. Basic supply and demand tells us that continued growth in demand (ie China) will create an extreme price increase once the peak occurs. Steps need to be taken far in advance on both the supply and demand side
  11. The poster above me has an avatar that makes me think of dog on girl porn.
  12. Royal i would go with a 7 on the baconometer of love....
  13. What was that silly ass post about tournament poker? wowser
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