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  1. I think he felt that you were scared with your check on the turn and just fired out a pot sized bet on the turn.I'd put the rest of his $2 or so all-in (that would be your only move) or fold if you belive him, but I think he just took advantage of your weak check on 4th street.
  2. I don't know what everyone else is saying... You did flop the nuts, hence, you FLOPped the nutz,Becauseit happened on the FLOP, u have the best hand on the FLOP...Now, there's a turn and river.. If the board pairs up or 3 of the same suit ends up on board someone could Get the nuts on the turn or river..they could out-nut u haha
  3. who the hell is david grey? i've seen him on full tilt with his own avatar, so he must be famous some how someway who is he? can someone tell me!/
  4. this orginal post is a joke, first, the title ddont make sense, then u talk about how chris dont drink at tables...doesn't mean he doesn't drink anywhere else..
  5. Hey daniel, I know this is probably a long shot, but you think you gonna have a tourney and the winner or top 2 get to spend time with you and your friends "weekend at danny's 2?" haha, I'd loved to play some home poker with you n friends like Harman n others..get back, answers probably no, but i'd like to hear what you think.
  6. to everyone that says these $ figures are a joke, ..but i bet you can't even make 1/10 of what daniel makes in a month, in 5 years...your the joke.
  7. seeing scotty and ivey at my table would just scare the sh.it outta me!but i'll still bluff out scotty and re-reaise ivey 8) !
  8. Really nice post...Professionals SHOULD ads that have the word 'Caution' somewhere in it towards young youths..GOod post, very well done..for your friend, If he was a smart player, he would know how to manage his bankroll, remember, poker is WORK, it's not one of those table games at the casinos, poker is work, u grind it out..you have a couple bad rounds in a session, you go relax and re-think all the things you did wrong, how to correct 'em, and learn from your mistakes. But, I do have friends like that, who just can't stop 'trying' to win money and you can't stop that even if you were hi
  9. Hey Dan, It's me again, your A.Y. buddy :-) I was just wondering, where did you live in Toronto exactly? because going to those schools that you mentioned, you must of lived close by to where I live?? get back to me on that! :-) your bud, Jay
  10. Hey Daniel, I found out that you went to my high school a couple years before I got there..and i heard u were running S*** in cards there too! is that true? possibly..but how did you like a.y. jackson??
  11. Yea, in the end of the movie, I believe he's talking to that person that answers all your questions when u die, or the person who decides if you goto heaven or hell, i DONT KNOW, who cares
  12. i have no pics, too lazy to post, but...i'll tell u the names of the cutest sexiest women in poker today from first to last..1) Jennifer Harmen 2) Cecilia Nordenstam ...That's it!
  13. Hey Dan, I was just wondering when the next set of 'weekend@danny's' gonna be up?? :wink:
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