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  1. I just read through the first five posts on this thread. And I started to develop a very strong opinion on why more distinction between fora would be in FCP's greatest interest.Then I realized: there is no right answer. It does not matter whether a strategy section for micro-limit hold'em is NEXT to a strategy section for NL Hold'em, or WITHIN it as the same thread.How, ELKang, can anyone be "experienced" at valuing this sort of thing. These are trifles. A site like this wastes time.If the changes cause AKishore to spend less time on FCP, it is much to his benefit. He may then find other,
  2. I sincerely advise you to quit poker.It seems to be playing an unhealthy role in your life. Look what you just did today. You played 10+ hours of poker with atrocious bankroll management. If not for some fine luck, you could have easily found yourself losing another $3000.To top it all off, you celebrated the end of this atrocity by going to watch MORE poker on television. This sort of behavior (allowing poker to become your main interest and hobby) would be acceptable if you were a winning player, but I am quite sure that you are not. You are on a precipice, and you are about to fall.Thi
  3. Do you want to calculate:1). The probability that two players ACTUALLY HOLD two hands that can make a straight flush on the same board, and then do so?2). The probability of two players who hold (as a given) suited connectors with exactly three gaps (45 vs. T9 on a 678 board) actually doing so?3). The probability of two players who hold any two suited card that can make any straight flush (J9 vs. 65 on a 789 board)?These questions illustrate how nonsensical such a brief post is. Regardless of what you were looking for (I am certain that you, yourself do not know), the number will be very
  4. You MUST bet the flop. There are thousands of reasons for this. Here are the best ones:1). As the preflop raiser, you are EXPECTED to bet, particularly on a raggish flop like this one. Not doing so will instantly set off alarm bells in your opponents heads.2). On a raggish flop such as this, your opponents are likely to think that you can have, at best, an overpair. Many opponents will put you on AK. By betting, you do nothing to dissuade them from this notion. Anyone with any semblance of a hand (a pair? an open-ender? an overpair?) is liable to raise you, to fold out your "overcard
  5. Thank you to all posters for insightful commentary and good Karate Kid memories.Although I am giving up poker for now, I imagine I will find myself logging in or going to a casino every now and again; a winning player is no less of an addict than a losing player. But I have stopped entertaining any notions of taking my playing to the next level.The poor fish will lose their money anyway...so let's hope that the stalwarts of FCP end up taking it!Blessings,Posoo
  6. Dear Friends,I learned the game of poker three years ago. I came to like it a great deal...I devoured all the literature, from the sublime (Hold'Em Poker for Advanced Players, Small Stakes Hold'Em, Harrington on Hold'em...) to the ridiculous (Play Poker Like the Pros).I played in a casino near my house, and online at various different sites. Over the course of the last three years, I have been a reasonable success at 5/10 hold'em, winning about $6000 in periodic play.I have a friend who discovered poker at the same time I did. We read the same books, developed the same strategies, and essen
  7. With eight players in, a raise in this case is more to get value for your set flopping than for the equity of JJ winning unimproved.Blessings,Posoo
  8. Well said Kendren. I see that you have a strong grasp of the concept of effective nuts.Paradoxically, if we held KK, we would characterize AQ as the as the FOURTH nuts, behind QQ, AA, and our KK. But since we have the Q in our hand, we can adjust our nut concepts.I am an expert on nut-rankings. Anyhow, I bet the flop. Any fool with a Q is going to stick around. PLO players are bad.Blessings,Posoo
  9. Regardless of whether he knows his stuff or not, his online video library of tells makes for some good viewing. Google "Mike Caro Poker University" to be taken there, and watch dozens of clips of poor fools being abused by Caro's keen grasp of tells.Blessings,Posoo
  10. No raise preflop because he is out of position with a hand that does not play well against 2 or 3 other players. A sevenless flop is very difficult to play, and it is not getting good odds to hit the set. Aseem played it perfectly...preflop.Blessings,Posoo
  11. This hand is a classic example of why no limit hold'em can be so profitable. Why on earth would the villain go all in on the river? What hands is he hoping to bluff out? JJ-KK? MOST people with an ace will call him (despite the disciplined pleadings of our esteemed forum members who advocate a fold).All inferior hands will fold, 99% of superior hands will call. This is not a bluff and it is not a value bet. It makes no sense and it is ridiculous. But people do it all the time.Blessings,Posoo
  12. Screech's analysis is usually spot-on. However, he made a big mistake in this hand, which Aseem was correct to point out.Calling a preflop raise is almost never correct if you are the first one into the pt after the raiser. If and when it IS correct, QJs is certainly not the hand to make it so.I honestly think that mastery of the bolded sentence is half of what separates winning and losing limit hold'em players.Blessings,Posoo
  13. With AK on the K66 flop, I'd go ahead and bet right out. If he's got KQ, he's sure to raise you and put more dead money into the flop. If he's got a pocket pair 77-QQ, you're putting him to a very tough decision, and he might even raise you, thinking that you wouldn't possibly bet out with a 6, and that he could get a better hand to fold. Always feel free to bet into the preflop raiser...it'll make more money in the long run.Cheers,Posoo
  14. The King will play. The player makes a nut A-K flush.Cheers,Posoo
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