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  1. Dont know if its any help or what it costs (think there is free trial) but you could take a look at www.pokercharts.com
  2. I hope you have research to back this suggestion up....nothing like check raising someone with tool in hand...forget i said anything..To at least pretend to keep this on topic, I find a few frequent 15 minute breaks to be sufficient for at least 6 hours
  3. I believe it is called Mysophobia, just so you know....
  4. how did something that cohesive and down right informative end up in general?Thanks
  5. are you sure neurosurgery is the right occupation for you?
  6. man, did i say that out loud?If only i had something of use to add to this threadpoultry?anyone?
  7. QUOTE(TheWatchMan) *we are left with idiots talking about poultry.
  8. Damn it really must be Spring time, I jus read all 13 pages of this thread and all i could think about when i got to the end was, who was that in Ktiger48's avatar back on page 5?I also play a mean round of TW's (any incarnation)
  9. Well that was kinda inevitable....
  10. and im out in 339th, only had 15K in chips moved with AsJs and called by 77, blanked the flop and thats that, good luck to all still in.PokaStudy
  11. u2 well done, sitting with a not so pretty 20K just before blinds, with avg stack at 38K and 1000/2000 blinds
  12. 3rd Break, 32K caught a lucky break when i moved all in with Kc10c 2 off the button SB calls with KQ o/s and i catch a lucky 10
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