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  1. Hey guys, can anyone let me know if FCP covers the instacash fee by ways of bonus or just covering it? Is it 8.9%? I searched and couldn't find an answer.Thanks in advance.
  2. Good question.. no idea how i dropped 12 buy-ins.. nasty nasty downswing.. was 200 short of even this morning.. before this hand, and JQd vs K4d on 9dTd3d flop.. ended up 550 down, was pretty happy with my play overall.. Haven't had this nasty of a swing for awhile.. 4 1 outters in one session, a 989:1 suckout, KK vs QQ on KJT flop all in on flop for 380, lost 3 AIPF's with overpairs vs unders, and I even folded KK PREFLOP AND IT WAS CORRECT.. I SUCK AT LIFE. GDFSIHM.. I 8-table 5 max for a living, AND DO DAMN WELL. I MAKE MORE THAN MOST SURGEONS! ****.- end of rant.GAAHHH.. it happens, I'm
  3. After being stuck $1.2k.. and trying to break even for the night..Texas Hold'em $1-$1 NL (Real Money), #772,506,010Table Rosario, 28 Jul 2006 7:15 AM ETSeat 3: drulen30 ($70.50 in chips)Seat 4: VinnyFromKGB ($182.35 in chips)Seat 8: sinisam ($130.30 in chips)Seat 10: NoFear13x ($171.55 in chips)ANTES/BLINDSsinisam posts blind ($1).PRE-FLOPNoFear13x folds, drulen30 bets $5, VinnyFromKGB calls $5, sinisam folds.FLOP [board cards 2C,9C,10H ]drulen30 bets $8, VinnyFromKGB bets $20, drulen30 bets $57.50 and is all-in, VinnyFromKGB calls $45.50.TURN [board cards 2C,9C,10H,9H ]RIVER [board cards 2C,
  4. I am Harleydog888...Texas Hold'em $1-$2 NL (real money), hand #687,824,451Table London, 6 Jul 2006 5:18 PM ETSeat 3: emanue ($69.50 in chips)Seat 6: juccaX ($72.50 in chips)Seat 8: Heels_Fan ($141.40 in chips)Seat 9: harleydog888 [ JH,AH ] ($98.00 in chips)ANTES/BLINDSemanue posts blind ($0.50), juccaX posts blind ($1).PRE-FLOPHeels_Fan folds, harleydog888 bets $3, emanue calls $2.50, juccaX folds.FLOP [board cards KC,QH,3C ]emanue checks, harleydog888 bets $5, emanue bets $10, harleydog888 calls $5.TURN [board cards KC,QH,3C,KH ]emanue checks, harleydog888 checks.RIVER [board cards KC,QH,3C,K
  5. In the last 60 hours I've had..2 straight flushesand 2 royal flushes.Oooooowned.Believe it.True story. Or maybe even 3 straight flushes.. If anyone argues i'll post hand histories.. don't tempt me.
  6. Yeah.. definitely depends on everyone personally..I feel like I play my best game with at least a few tables or otherwise I get bored. Currently I'm playing 6 5-max tables and can still check the boards and read articles and everything. It's just how accustomed you are to the gameplay I guess.. Probably only youngsters like myself that are pretty acquainted with math and computers..On 10-max tables I 8-table, but only cuz I only have 2 19" lcd's.. I think if i got a 3rd i could play 12 fairly easy.A lot of factors are going to bring down EV, but the +EV of playing several tables makes it +EV
  7. I currently have $575 on one $100 6 max table, and $400 on another!Not the most I've had.. but pretty good timing with the post..
  8. Rubberband around cash wad, with debit cards, license, etc. in the middle of folded over cash = +EV
  9. Lol yeah.. I noticed this afterwards. Actually, i'm a fairly smart cat.. but this one slipped by me. It's funny though.. but it's Dutchess on her papers, but I found out a day or two afterwards that it's actually spelled Duchess.. search google images, several people made the same retarded mistake as me. But I'll live, I hope.. and I'm prolly already sterile from monitor radiation, so don't worry about the kid thing. Thanks for checkin up on me..
  10. This is my dog, Dutchess, I think her and Mushu may be soulmates..
  11. There for awhile I was clearing about a grand a week. everytime i got to my last $50 increment to clear, I got an email saying "Congratulations! There's a new Hollywood Poker reload bonus, choose and deposit!" Granted I was 8-10 tabling 3k hands a day, which would probably kill the average person, or put him in a state of shock, or lower his sex drive, or single him out of regular society.. which I'm not denying I didn't experience any and/or all of the side effects.. but I am super****inghumangoddamnit Dnaana SCRAPPY DAPPY DOOOOOOOO!
  12. How do people get away with this shit..Texas Hold'em $4-$4 NL (Real Money), #184,833,973Table Kassel, 28 Feb 2006 7:31 PM ETSeat 3: FoShizzleBoy ($372.40 in chips)Seat 5: BillyBreathe ($270.60 in chips)ANTES/BLINDSztorkiz posts blind ($2), sabsylma posts blind ($4).PRE-FLOP, FoShizzleBoy calls $4, BillyBreathe bets $30, FoShizzleBoy calls $26.FLOP [board cards 5C,8H,AD ]FoShizzleBoy checks, BillyBreathe bets $70, FoShizzleBoy bets $150, BillyBreathe calls $80.TURN [board cards 5C,8H,AD,3S ]FoShizzleBoy bets $100, BillyBreathe calls $90.60 and is all-in.RIVER [board cards 5C,8H,AD,3S,7S ]SHOW
  13. Buy poker tracker, and have it do it for you. If we're talking about online.. if you're talking about live play, then hire an assistant and make him number crunch.
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