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  1. 1. 4-table 2NL 6max2. Play 14/103. ???4. Profit!!
  2. I did keep track of the numbers too. They are slightly different than yours. not sure why$ if you buy into every one of the events: $194.500Total number of entries: 54,291Total prize pool, before deduction: $171,578,000Total prize pool, after deduction: $159,805,244Harrah's + Dealers' take: 11,772,756# of money finishes: 5,265How much 55 bracelet winners take for 1st places: $31,963,300I derive my figures from actual prize pool numbers. Not by multiplying Total prize pool * standard percentage Harrah's listed. I do notice that the Harrah's take for the rebuys events are always less than the li
  3. don't play at that home game anymore
  4. for a second i was like, 'wtf is grimstarr doing in fcp'
  5. Tony G's 100 Million Dollar WagerFor the fifth day in a row, Nolan has announced that the player to make a royal flush will receive a free massage. The royal flush has been achieved each day and the free massage given. However, Tony G decided to make things interesting today."I'll give $100 million to whoever is the first player of the day to beat a royal flush," Tony G joked immediately after Nolan's announcement.Players in the ESPN feature table. if you got a royal flush, muck it when facing a bet to collect 100 million from Tong G!!! hahahahahhaha
  6. Interesting...6:29 PM - "Won another pot from Phan... Called preflop raise with Ad9d... A on flop. I check raise. He re-raises.. I call. A on turn (I checked dark).. He checks. Check-check on river.. Up to 40k now"# 23 minutes ago | Posted by MeanGeneSometimes You Need The CardsJohn Phan has been playing a lot of hands and on this particular one he raised to 1,100 from middle position and both the blinds called. The flop came {6-Spades}{A-Hearts}{3-Clubs} and when Phan led out for 1,000 the small blind raised to 2,600. Phan re-popped it to 5K and the other player called. "You got me, kid," Ph
  7. i find it very very very hard to imagine someone this knowledgeable about poker do NOT recognize Ted Forrest ...
  8. over/under when this thread will get locked?
  9. 1. buy chips using a credit card with those 1% rebate deal. 2. cash out chips3.4. PROFIT!!!
  10. he will make it all the way to the final table and then sits out himself.
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