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  1. Go your own way - Fleetwood MacWheel in the Sky - Journey
  2. If you were playing too nitty I think this is definitely a hand you could raise pf. By limp-calling you have taken away your chance at winning the pot before the flop and you're not giving yourself odds to draw to a set. When pf raising throw out a 'CB' and if they call your raise pf it is likely they have an ace and will call the CB. Then, just keep betting.
  3. Chris E


    Now why would you go and do something crazy like that?
  4. On one of these in a public park:Then I gave her some candy.What actually happened was me using my charm on an older coworker, and we both decided that was the most convenient place to have sex at 2 in the morning.
  5. Chris E


    How old are you?YonYonson: You're the 'dickless faggot' who refused a blowjob aren't you? I don't know what you're doing calling me gay, you should have killed yourself in shame a long time ago.
  6. Can you recommend any good books on stud poker?
  7. Chris E


    Come on, where are the pics!I've heard about this one style where it is a crocodile with a long snout, you stick your dick into the snout part of the thong and it goes up and down with arousal. Sounds fun. I'd do it only if I got to put it in her butt though.
  8. I find this very, very surprising considering I own a gun and live in Australia.
  9. So it is logical to say that carrying a gun will make a situation '10 X' worse regardless of whether or not it is concealed, regardless of the level of training the person has, and regardless of whether the person decides to actually use the gun? Sounds like he is talking out of his vagina to me.
  10. Do you have a source for that? It really annoys me when people use general statements based on emotion, not logic, to try to justify an argument. What if the robbers decide that they would be much more likely to escape arrest for robbery if they shoot the witnesses? You don't know what the robber's intentions will be until it is too late. Who knows, 'being a hero' could save lives instead of take them.
  11. I'm not jewish, I just play the second lowest stakes on the internet.$5 plus pictures for a link I end up using.
  12. Terrible acting, terrible plot, not enough boobies. Just go and see Apocalypto instead, it is much better.
  13. Yes, anyway. $1 on stars for anyone who can find me a few links with 18-21 year old hookers in Brisbane. Just curious you know.
  14. 18+ right? Still waiting on this...
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