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  1. With the upcoming holiday season, has there been any consideration to offering gift subscriptions? I'm sure poker fans would love to receive something like that as a gift.
  2. I did end up folding to the turn bet, which seems to be the consensus right play. I figured him for AK. Plus if I call, I still have a river bet to face. If he does have AK, my tournament is pretty much done. However, I ended up doing nothing in the tournament anyways, and that was the fold that was haunting me.So I learned my fold was correct, but I should not have put myself in that situation to begin with.
  3. Really? Raise preflop UTG with AJo? I guess you are right if I'm willing to call a raise, I might as well raise myself.
  4. I agree its a loose call UTG, but I went into the tournament wanting to see some flops early due to the fast structure. On the flop I considered raising, but then I didn't like the decision I would have had to make if the BB pushed.
  5. About the 3rd hand in 17 person home game with 5K in chips, 25/50 blinds.Me: UTG with AJo - Limp1 MP limperBB raises to 150.I call. MP calls.Flop: A 8 6 rainbowBB leads out 300I call.MP folds.Turn 10.BB bets 1200.I know the BB to be a solid player that plays good starting hands. What do I do?
  6. Has anyone tried listening to the new episode of pokerroad radio? It may just be my computer, but they all sound like they are sucking on helium.
  7. I think comparing WPT money leaders to WSOP money leaders is like apples and oranges. The reason is WSOP earnings include winnings from all the preliminary events, while the WPT earnings only includes the main events. For instance, the 5 Diamond World Poker Classic, which just recently finished, had 10 other events that should be included as WPT winnings.The ideal way to track tournament stats, would be for all casinos to share a central tournament database. It would include: Player Name, Buy-In, Amount Won, Profit, # of Players, Place Finished, Game Type (NLHE, PLO, etc), Event Type (WPT,
  8. I'm fully aware that everything in poker is situational. The point was if you read someone as weak, it doesn't matter why, it just matters that is how you read him, then make a bet on the river greater than half the pot and get get called by no pair, does that make it a poor decision.Granted your read could be wrong, or your opponent could have a better read on you, but that's not the question. In this situation your opponent turns up no pair which means your read was right, so my opinion is its a good play.
  9. If you bluff at a pot because you think your opponent doesn't have anything and he calls with Ace high, which beats you, is it a bad bluff?
  10. I have read some of DN's articles and heard him say in interviews, that he rarely reraises preflop early in tournaments. Lately I've been trying to employ this "small ball" approach where I will just call a raise. I have found that I am often times being squeezed out of pots. Typical hands I like doing this with or AK, AQ, AJ, 10s, and 9s.Is there any defense against the squeeze? Am I doing this with the wrong hands? And should I be willing to all-in with these hands if I think someone is trying to squeeze me out?Thoughts?
  11. What if the blinds were higher? Lets say 300/600. So I have 2850 left after my 600 BB and the short stack put in the additional 1850. Now a fold leaves me with less than 5 BBs. And the pot is 3350 and I have to call 1850 or, 1.8 to 1.Is the rule to never under any circumstance call an all in with a hand like 7 8 suited? Or do you go with a magic number like 2-1 pot odds as suggesed by Zach?
  12. But if I don't call, then I'm only left about 7 big blinds. I figure him for moving with any Ace or pocket pair. My 2 suited connected cards are probably live and I think are actually a favorite against a small pocket pair. I have to make a move sooner or later since I'm short stacked as well.
  13. Situation: Home Game $30 Buy-In, 11 players, 6 left. Blinds are at $200/$400. I'm in the Big Blind and have about $2850 left after my big blind is in the pot. I have 7 8 suited.Play: Early position short stack player moves all in for about $1850 on top of my big blind. Everyone folds to me.Question: Do I call with my 7 8 suited? The pot is now $2850 and I have to call $1850, leaving me with $1000 if I lose. Or do I fold leaving me with $2850?
  14. I especially like the bar at the ESPNZone. Its a great spot to watch the games, drink, and eat. Although you won't get any of the free drinks there. Try the Barbary Coast if you want to the free drinks and a smaller crowd.
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