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  1. Agreed. Calling here is bad IMO. More often then not you'll get shown at least an 8. I think you're being too results orientated if you think it's a good call without a very solid read and then backing it up with by saying "I play an aggressive style"
  2. I also disagree. Your line looks so obvious when you check the flop yet are willing to call a raise and reraise on the turn. IMO you have to bet the flop and give someone a chance to play back at you. Either someone has a 4 or they don't... the only turn cards which might give you action are an Ace or someone hitting their set.
  3. You should make a note about his "snap call" and use that against him in the future. I play live $1/2 very often and there are 3 or 4 players who always chase their flush draws almost no matter the price. When I do checkraise against one of their likely FD's it's almost always bigger than normal (IE in your case, I'd checkraise to $80 or $90) and still get a call.
  4. I like it as played... I would probably play it the same way most of the time. What's your plan for the river if the board pairs or completes the flush against this villain?
  5. Me too... very interesting following your journey!
  6. Good Read... Looking Forward to Part II
  7. 100% agree with this. Too many people are focused on "trapping" with their big hands, when they should be more focused on giving themselves an opportunity to win a big pot with them. I'd bet about $2.5 or so and give him the chance to call with his draw or maybe better yet, checkraise if he has a 2. Checking behind is terrible here. If you bet and he folds, oh well, but you have to put in a bet 99% of the time.
  8. Relative stacks are:UTG - $200Hero (MP) - $660Button - $220UTG may be tilting a bit as he just stacked off 2 hands earlier. I have a TAG image and have showed down several winning hands in the past hour. UTG raises to $15, 1 caller, Hero Calls w/7d8d, Button calls.Flop: Js9d5dUTG bets $20, 1 fold, Hero raises to $60, Button pushes for $205 total, UTG Calls, Hero??I figured UTG for an overpair and was fairly sure Button wouldn't push a flush draw here, probably a set, so I was confident my FD outs were all good along with any 6 or 10. With what is likely 15 outs, this is pretty much an insta
  9. I think this play is pretty player dependant. I know where I play, there are many players who will almost never fold a jack here and there are some who will fold K-J assuming you have an overpair which I assume you're trying to represent. Assuming your read on him is on and he folds Q-J, K-J type hands, I think this is a good bet.
  10. Update:River - Hero Checks, MP bets $120, LP Folds, Hero Thinks and calls after a long time. I was actually the player in MP w/10h8h. The Hero in this hand was a friend of mine. He was upset after calling off his money on the end... we talked about the hand for awhile and disagreed on the river action... The way the hand played out, I argued it would be very difficult to get away from it.As for my thought process about just calling on the turn with all the draws out there on the turn... I know both LP players in the hand are both aggressive players and because we were very deep, in this han
  11. Live at Casino Regina.Aggressive Table - Majority of hands are raised PF ((usually $10-$15) and contested 3 or 4 ways. Relevant StacksHero (UTG +1) - $180MP - $740LP - $450Button - $1100Hero limps with 9d10d, MP and LP limp, Button raises to $15, blinds fold, all others call.FlopQd8d3sFlop checked around.Turn10sHero bets $40, MP calls, LP thinks, makes a little speech about raising and calls, button folds.River 10cHero? Note: I wasn't Hero in this hand, but was involved.
  12. Easy call. You checked to induce a bet... If you happen to run into AA, oh well, but more times than not this is A-J or A-Xc. Given preflop K-10 is very unlikely,but given the skill of most SS live players, I guess it is possible.
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