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  1. Just finished playing a $10 S'nG at Absolute. Down to heads up action and the board read quad 7's. I'm holding rags so I raise, my opponent reraises all in so I call, knowing the board is the nuts. Showdown, me 96s, my opponent, K3o.....yes the magic hand!. Anyhow, instead of a split pot all the chips go his way for the win.I just finished and email to support to let them know about this fishy crap, so we'll see.......Anything like this ever happen to anyone???
  2. finished 29th at the earlier freeroll last night. Did make $30 large though....lol
  3. any FCPers still kicking in tonights event? 66 left
  4. Maybe getting greedy here but once the $75 clears, am I able to enter the $5000 freeroll(cash players only)....or do I need a deposit?
  5. How long does Instant Bankroll take to process it's $75 free/$25 bonus for Party Poker??Txs
  6. Anyone know how long Instant Bankroll takes to process it's $75 free/$25 bonus for Party Poker??Txs
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