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  1. Thoughts on the Rush Poker at Full Tilt? Optimal strategy, +EV, etc....
  2. Is this for 6 max/Full ring? Turbo/Non Turbo?I'm playing full ring games non-turbo.
  3. Playing SnGs on FTP in the range of $1-$10 buy ins. My question is, what is the general consensus on low pairs in late position when there has been a raise early and everyone folds around to you? Say for instance the UTG player raises 3xs the BB and everyone folds to you on the button with anything from 22-55. I mean if I knew both the blinds were gonna come in it would be a pretty easy call. However, the vast majority of the time one if not both the blinds end up folding and I am left heads up (granted in position) with a hand that doesn't beat much. I'm only gonna hit a set about 1 in 7 tim
  4. When you go left handed you gotta go with the reverse pull man.
  5. Hey the rest of us had to suffer through all this math you do too!
  6. This looks like a spot for the short stack i'm gonna raise and then shove in on the flop no matter what comes. He probably can't fold to a reraise that doesn't put him all in so unless you have some reason to be certain he has a better hand than you I agree with the shove.
  7. Yeah there is absolutely no way you can fold on the river here. You should have raised earlier but having not you gotta call. Just out of curiosity what caused you to fold on the river?
  8. I know its been posted on here a hundred times but I can't seem to find the topic with the search. What do I need to ensure I have in a new computer to be able to multi-table online without having the tables overlap each other? Or a link a thread would be great. Thanks.
  9. This has got to be spam......that is some of the dumbest dribble I have ever heard. Makes no sense. I call spam!
  10. Paradise is gone too by the way
  11. I was about to post the same thing with the exact same title
  12. Thank you for respecting the rules here at the aquarium by not tapping on the glass.Sorry after the first couple of hours I can't help it
  13. Gotta love the internet!! »PokahFAAce: i have queens»PokahFAAce: ace flops»PokahFAAce: kings»PokahFAAce: flush flops»DeNuts1: he never has an ace»PokahFAAce: trips»PokahFAAce: boatds»#1,718,764,607: Take it down, calabria2005 ($0.75)»DeNuts1: you are the unlukiest man alive»PokahFAAce: he prolly had one, thats how pp is setup»PokahFAAce: someone has kings»PokahFAAce: ace flops»DeNuts1: i see»PokahFAAce: f***s the kings»DeNuts1: you are very educational»DeNuts1: »PokahFAAce: call me poker god»PokahFAAce: i know everything»PokahFAAce: about everything»DeNuts1: i see that»PokahFAAce: i just fo
  14. I'm sure you mean book....as it was out about 10 years prior the the flick.
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