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  1. I'm assuming you've done an uninstall/reinstall?
  2. I just noticed tonight that you can use PSO to get a one year subscription to Stoxpoker by depositing 50 and getting 50 Party Points. I'm halfway to clearing this now, so I'll let you know how it is when I get in.Dev
  3. Ok which one are you?http://www.brawl-hall.com/pages/linkdump/h...ns-rejects.html
  4. Is he allowed to compete in the women's segment? I could see wrasslin some of those she-men being interesting entertain ment . . .
  5. Can't find you in the tourney - whats your PS name?
  6. 1. Expand games played beyond Hold'em and Omaha2. Improve tourney results3. Take more breaks - I seem to lose steam after about 2 hours
  7. Looks like it is growing big time . .. http://secondlife.reuters.com/stories/2007...kes-in-profits/
  8. I just got home from work, and I'm burrowing in for a harsh night of winter.Pokerstars, here I come!
  9. Almost sounds like DN snuck in here after last season on HSP.
  10. Sure .. especially if you appear to be playing loose. Opponents tend not to respect your raises as much. I still have no desire to stay in this hand.
  11. Hand 1 - we both had approx $25 to start the handHand 2 - what hands would he be playing that would have a Q in it, that would still be in the hand after that flop?
  12. I disagree . . raise or fold. What are you hoping to hit with your call? A ten to possibly split the pot, a J that can still lose to someone playing JTs.I have better places to put my money that with fourth pair.Dev
  13. Keep in mind this is an EP raise - gotta believe without any reads he has a good hand here. Raise to isolate if you like, but AKs is a good enough hand multiway that I don't mind one or two additional callers.You hit the flop nicely, and he bets $2.50 into a $3.75 pot. Standard continuation bet - pop it by $6 more and finish the hand here.Keep in mind you also have the backdoor nut flush draw if you are called.
  14. A couple of loose tables . . no specific reads on players, but lots of junk being played to raises. Trying to play relatively tight preflop.Poker StarsPot Limit Holdem Ring gameBlinds: $0.10/$0.255 playersConverterPre-flop: (5 players) Hero is Button with [8s] [As] 2 folds, Hero calls, SB raises to $0.5, BB calls, Hero calls.Flop: [8d] [Js] [7s] ($1.5, 3 players)SB bets $1, BB folds, Hero raises to $2.5, SB raises to $8.95, Hero ?and . . Poker StarsNo Limit Holdem Ring gameBlinds: $0.10/$0.258 playersConverterPre-flop: (8 players) Hero is MP1 with [Ad] [As] UTG calls, UTG+1 folds, Hero raises
  15. Man, I had forgotten that I was even a part of that conversation!Nice bump
  16. I knew the Bible Belt representatives were around here somewhere
  17. Call - hoping you get other callers behind you willing to draw. You need those increased odds to offset the odds of the board pairing, giving you the nut FH. If your read is he already has a made hand superior to yours, raising isn't going to get him to fold, and may force others that would call to fold. Your hand is now considered a drawing hand to the case Jack or a board pairing. See the turn and reassess after you see it, and his bet.Oh and post this in the Strat section - the smart people hang out there more often :)Dev
  18. I just made the same leap ($25PL Omaha H/L and $25NL HE) and its about the same level of play. Three or four to a raised pot, so drawing hands still pay well. Play good hands in position and you will be ready for the jump to the next level in a month or two.GL!
  19. I'll toss my 'welcome' hat into the ring!And apologies in advance for the abuse you will eventually take at the hands of some posters. :DDev
  20. Heck I plan to continue playing poker online . . .Oh, Canada!
  21. I think this has been asked elsewhere, but I cannot recall an answer - what prevents someone from continuing to use Neteller, but just cashing out by using a check instead of online bank account transfers?
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