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  1. thanks for the help guys, it all makes sense i think. i think my problem is that im playing too fast and not really thinking everything through. had a great start to my session tonight, was up 30BB through my first 100 hands and feeling great. then AP realized that I shouldn't be allowed to win any more half decent sized pots and I lost 80BB over my next 700 hands. felt myself starting to tilt so I just shut it down early. just one of those sessions where every meaningful pot goes the wrong way.
  2. I'm just getting back into poker after taking a long time off, so I decided to try playing limit again. I'm quite rusty so I figured I would post some hands that I had trouble with. I'm sure a lot of these will be pretty standard, but it has been a long time since I've played limit so I have forgotten a lot and need a lot of help. It probably doesn't matter since I only play .5/1, but we can assume that I have the image of tight and aggressive for all of these hands.This first hand seems pretty standard, but I feel like I have trouble playing the turn on hands like this. This was my first
  3. whats the best way to be able to send for example the last 2500 hands in an email? is there a way to pull the last 2500 hh's from poker tracker so that they can be emailed?
  4. i would think that the hands that hit 2 pair on the turn (either A7 or even Q7) would raise that turn, and since he's a station you can put him on a dry 7 enough times here to put in a big reraise on the river
  5. i'd 3 bet and fold to shove. if he just calls the flop then i'd get it all in on a safe turn
  6. i'd raise more pf or just limp, flop is fine
  7. thanks for all the replies guys, seems like i do need to bet more esp on the turn and river. just for some laughs, when he raised all in and i called on the river, he shows A7o (i quickly added him to my friends list)
  8. how much should i bet betting on the flop right off the bat? is my raise on the flop ok or should that be more too?
  9. the converter is wrong, he went all in on the river
  10. how often have u been c betting? ive seen plenty of players at these limits (on AP though) that are stubborn enough that if they try to get you off your hand once and you call, they wont give up and try it again. i'd probably lean towards calling here.
  11. 25nl on ap, been at the table for like 45 mins. so far not very many big pots (pot average was like $2.5) how much should i be betting on the streets assuming im called all the way (i really need to work on my turn betting)Absolute Poker No-Limit Hold'em, $0.25 BB (6 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com (Format: FCP)Button ($27.25)Hero ($27.80)BB ($13.65)UTG ($43.95)MP ($10.70)CO ($18.44)Preflop: Hero is SB with J , T . UTG calls $0.25, 1 fold, CO calls $0.25, Button calls $0.25, Hero completes, BB checks.Flop: ($1.25) A , K , Q (5 players)Hero bets $1, BB folds,
  12. it definitely helps to pay attention in class. i used to take the approach of "im smart enough to learn everything outside of class" while i was able to learn it all, it took a considerable amount of time. if you pay attention in class, getting your work done outside of class shouldn't take that long, barring you dont have a crappy teacher. at times i still feel myself not paying attention, and it makes things a lot harder
  13. does anyone know if US players can use moneybookers.com?
  14. got slightly intoxicated after somehow losing a 5k chip in a tourny in AC right after the rebuy. the guy sitting next to me said that he saw my 5k chip when i was moved to the table, but that he didnt see me put it in a pot at anytime (he somehow had 2 5k chips after everyone was given 1 for the rebuys, and no other 5k's were in play) Went back up to the room, finished off a nice bottle of rum. woke up the next morning with blood on my face and toe, not remembering what happened. apparently i kicked the fridge, tripped while doing so, and hit my head on the corner of the table. the next m
  15. just a random question, but what percentage of hands should be won without seeing a flop? i feel like recently, every time i get a big hand pf, i get zero action. just looking at my pt stats, ive gotten AA 39 times over my last 10k hands, and i won the pot pf 31 times (~78%). with KK, ive gotten it 53 times, and ive won the pot without a flop 40 times (~75%). QQ 51 times, won it pf 33 times (~64.71). are these numbers normal?
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