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  1. SB - AAButton - AKI get the feeling this is one of those "I was slowplaying preflop" moments.
  2. Meh, usually people are more donkish when it comes to postflop play than to preflop.
  3. It's not like he's ever showing up here with K K or J J, he completed from the SB. I think this is poorly played two pair as or more often than 6 6, 3 3, 4 5.The bolded part is obviously true though.
  4. I guess we could c/c flop and lead turn, but I still rather c/r just to reduce the possibility of him hitting two pair or something weird. It's also much stronger than a lead, so if you get played back at you can cut your loses since he should have you beat.
  5. I'm confused, are you looking for someone to tell you to fold?Call, if he has you beat then tough luck, still, call.
  6. Either there is something missing of they both picked every game to be a tie, which would be very interesting.
  7. I'm confused, how can we win $110? Assuming 3-1 on the two flip ones, can't we win 5+20+5+30+30 = 90?Anyway, here is what I got (this one is much simpler):(1/8)% = -$50(3/16)% = -$40(1/16)% = -$30(1/8)% = $-10(1/8)% = +-$0(1/16)% = +$10(3/16)% = +$40(1/16)% = +$50(1/16)% = +$90It works out to be =EV. I did this the brute force way though. I don't think there is a simple solution, this problem is based off discrete mathematics, and the problem appear to be NP (non polynomial).
  8. How could this be anything other than =EV?Let's assume you win more often than you lose, say you win 50+x% of the time (and lose 50-x%), this would mean that the person that you are fliping against would win 50-x% of the time. However, clearly your opponent must win just as often as you do, since he's playing with the same structure as you are and there's no skill involved. Therefore we have that 50 - x = 50 + x <=> x= 0, so you should win 50% of the time, if you're not cheating or anything.EDIT: you probably mean how often you'll win/lose a certain amount... working that out looks real
  9. If he's so aggro, he probably raises the flop bet with a set or 8 9, right?The hands I think are most likely given the play would be something like:AQ, AJ, KQ (actually, he'd probably raise the flop with AJ)AK (he might reraise pre, I don't know)AT, KT, QT (maybe, probably not)Basically, I don't know what to do, stealing the button while nobody's looking might be a good start.
  10. I find this post to be highly disturbing.
  11. Don't fold bottom set here, the board is so draw heavy, he has a combo draw or 8 9 much more often then 88/99.
  12. CO - $22Hero - $25 Hero is BB with 2 folds, CO raises to $0.5, 2 folds, Hero raises to $1.40, CO calls $1.15Flop: ($2.90) :D Hero bets $2.35, CO raises to $4.70, Hero?This is literally my first hand at the table, what's the plan, not only on the flop, but for the rest of the hand? Also, being OOP sucks.
  13. Just curious, what would our line be if we were UTG with QQ or something to that effect?I'm probably wrong (I usually am), but is it reasonable to just call flop (presumably to re-evaluate turn) and then come to life because now it's really unlikely someone has the other J?
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