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  1. Lol first of all, if anyone is going to scam anyone in a coaching relationship like this it would be the student (who is responsible for sending their coach his share). A coach cannot log into their account and take all their money.As for the bolded, I see it as two fold: 1. coaches typically get better themselves by taking on students and learning how to coach2. (and likely more importantly) some people like Ryan are genuinely good people (and yes while there is some financial benefit to it, although less than one's standard hourly rate) who want to help others become more successful If Ryan
  2. You are correct, Ryan is not giving anything away for free. Never does he say that. What he is offering is a standard coaching deal (and I would argue a better deal for the student than it is for Ryan) to have someone like him, who understands this game very well and is capable of articulating proper thought processes/strategy discussions/etc in a way that not everyone can do, to take a few low stakes players and work with them to become better at poker.That is fine if you are not interested in his coaching, but why do you feel the need to call something that is incredibly standard in the poke
  3. One day in college a friend and I invented HonBarRanchUp (which is exactly as it sounds - a mixture of Honey, BBQ Sauce, Ranch, and Ketchup).It actually tasted decent (no sw). And we were both sober at the time as well, so you can't blame it on that.Haven't tried it since tho...
  4. Yeah, he only has 5 cashes this year... http://www.pokerpages.com/players/profiles...lay-evdakov.htm
  5. "Posts: 1Joined: November 6th, 2005Member No.: 12,715"Best first post after 43 months ever?
  6. Nice to meet you and share the awesome room in the pool house with you!
  7. I think he said he got a bit of a bulk discount cuz he bought like 4 or 5 cases of 12.edit: although it has been a while since i heard it on some podcast somewhere, so take that fwiw, lol...
  8. My fav story related to this that I can think of was (I think) OMGClayAiken having a party in college where everyone who walked in was given their own bottle of Dom. Now that is baller and generous imo.
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