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  1. Why would you want to do anything different? You got a guy to put you all in when you were a sizable favorite. The only thing you need to do differently is change your mindset. First of all, just because you lose a hand doesn't mean you played it bad. The best players in the world lose all the time. Poker isn't about winning hands, its about maximizing your expectect value over the long term. If you play that hand the same way every time, going in as a 4-1 favorite, you will win money in the long term. Its good to ask if you played a hand incorrectly and to see what you could do differe
  2. Any idea of his re-raise range? I know he plays erratically, but is that just post-flop or also pf?
  3. This is definitely a WA/WB situation. Trying to think of hands that the villians would play like this that you can beat is very difficult. I like checking the river and seeing what happens. I'm going to think while typing for a minute. Like you said, being OOP sucks. With two people in the hand it really changes the dynamics. If the CO pushes and the button raises then I think you have to dump it. If the CO pushes and the button calls, can we overcall? I guess it comes down to if the button was tricky enough to just call with a monster, thinking that you couldn't call a raise, but migh
  4. Yeah, it really looks like he's trying to suck you in here with a monster. I think the only time you could dump it though would be the turn. Against the range of hands that the villian would likely play like this (aa, kk, adkd, aq, 99) you're only ahead of one and chopping with one. If we think the villian is going crazy with kq, or even jj then it gets close, but against a tight villian i think you have to lay it down on the turn. On the river, like everyone else says, you are committed to a call with top two.EDIT: oops, you're ahead of two of those hands. i'm retarded.
  5. Yeah, you have to shove here. Even though you don't want to scare him away, you don't have any other choice really given the stack sizes.
  6. It obviously depends on how weak he is, but I try to make it a habit to not try to bluff weak players. Unless they are weak tight you're usually getting called by the strangest of hands.
  7. I played the tournament with my friend and managed to get 3rd. It was pretty much a donk fest with a fast structure, like all tournaments around here. We got to the final table with the blinds 500-1000 and I was a monster chip leader with just over 10k. From there my luck pretty much died, and I went bust before we could make a deal. Oh well. I don't think I'll go play it again for a couple of reasons. First off the super turbo structure just sucks. If you catch cards you'll do well, if not you're done. Smart players obviously have an advantage in that you'll pick your spots better, bu
  8. This tourney wasn't in northern California was it? Sounds a lot like the local tourney at the California Grand. ps. call
  9. I agree with others, dump it. You can only make this kind of call if you have a really good read on your villian, and that is only in special cases. This isn't the case here so its time to go.
  10. This looks an awful lot like a flush most of the time. If it is a flush, yours is a little better than average for a flush, although some of those become less likely. In some rare, donktastic cases it could be 78 or a weird set, but that is unlikely. I just call the river here. But i've just come out of a session of coolers, so I'm a little gun shy.EDIT: Another point to consider is if the villian would raise with big combo draws, such as 4d-3d, 7d-9d, etc, and also the nut flush draw, or qd-jd. If so you can narrow down his holding a bit and perhaps throw in a value raise if you had a
  11. i understand the feeling. and yeah, it sucks. but you have to understand that by doing this you are making it so that you lose less in the short term, but win less in the long term. if you want to maximize your winnings you have to learn to deal with it when people draw out on you. you win in poker by making people make mistakes.
  12. this is probably a retard question, but how do you make money off the satellites? i assume you just sell your seat after winning but i'm not sure how that works.
  13. yeah. hang in there. you're a great player and everyone here knows that. hell, we probably all OWE you a birthday gift after all the advice you've given. hahaha. are you playing in any of the events or just the side games?
  14. disguised "this is my birthday, don't forget or i'll be sad" post?
  15. any reads on villian? to be honest this smells like 77 (EDIT: or we're ahead) to me. getting 3-1 on the river though, without a read, i might have to pay this off, mostly just because of curiousity.
  16. you need to ask yourself why bet in the first place? i know that you wanted to put in a blocker bet so that you could draw cheaply. this works against bad players, which is most of the ones you'll come accross at those limits, but against good players it won't. they will smell weakness and will raise big to knock you off your hand. so you have two choices, bet a solid amount or check. betting puts you in control of the hand and allows you to put your opponent to the test. now you have more than one way to win - making your hand AND forcing your opponent to fold a better hand. you don't
  17. its whatever you buy in for. so if you buy in for the max everytime then its the latter. if you buy in for the minimum then its the former.
  18. If you're going to bet, bet anywhere from 2/3 to pot sized (5-9). less than that looks a little weak. you have to think about what your opponent will see when you bet. if you had a made hand you would want to protect it from the draws out there. your bet gave your opponent almost 7-1 pot odds to call. every draw, outside of a gutshot straight draw, has the proper odds to call you there. so you're not protecting anything, which makes your bet suspicious. you have to think about it from your opponents perspective: you bet the flop, they raise, you call. the 7 comes and now you bet again
  19. preflop: blind versus blind situations can be tricky. if you're new to the table, don't have a solid read on the villian, and/or you don't feel comfortable playing after the flop i would suggest raising blind vs blind with a suited ace. you have the best hand but you're OOP. when you feel more comfortable with the other player/situation you can limp in the sb more and just calling the raise is standard. flop: leading out isn't bad, although i think a better play would be to c/r in a spot like this. you have a pretty good flop for your hand and a c/r will likely take it down most of the
  20. i think you're missing the point. you ask the question because you want to know how to make him fold, but you should be really asking because you want to get in as much money as possible with the best hand. you may know this but i don't think you really understand it. if your opponent is drawing to a better hand than yours, such as in this situation, you bet, not because you don't want him to call, but because you want him to give you money. when people put money in the pot without the correct odds with a worse hand than yours you win money. if they always made the correct fold you wouldn
  21. the non allin bet on the end is a little suspect, especially if the villian knows that the hero is a calling station. why not just put the rest in. but, the villian could have thought that villian wouldn't have paid off an all in bet with such a scare card on the end, so its understandable. what didn't get there on the end? straight? check. flush? check. two pair? check. ak? check. unless the villian somehow dodged getting hit by this board, bluffed with air or some draw like 5-3 into two opponents on the turn, and is now bluffing the river for most of his stack, i just can't see h
  22. just to reiterate what everyone is saying, you should actually, in a sick way, be glad that you get drawn out on like this sometimes. if the donkeys never drew out on us then they would stop putting in their money bad. just ask yourself, what do the casinos do when someone hits the jackpot? they put their picture on a billboard.
  23. interesting. my first thought is that the sb most likely has a pp. now, after the sb calls i think it eliminates the overpairs (except for maybe aa), but i was responding from the bb perspective, what would make me move in like that. what would you put the sb on?
  24. really? i would think it would be just because you could beat the other overpairs. with 10-10 you have to worry about jj+, in addition to other hands. aa you only have to worry about two pairs, sets, and the straight.
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