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  1. Nah I dont agree. It doesnt look like Villian is going anywhere with so much invested in the pot, if we go over the top, hes calling. As played, only a heart or K will help our hand, and if Villian has something like Ah9d, we are drawing to the King, which is 3 outs. I dont call the turn
  2. Im making a smallish bet here, between $18-$25 and hope he senses weakness and tries to bluff you off the hand
  3. you bought in for $200 and left after 2 hours with $113 and your happy...........did I miss something?
  4. I is confused. First to get it right wins.........right? So.................why not just end it if before a week if someone gets it before the weeks up
  5. so what range of hands would you call with here?
  6. not really..........the amount of people that call knowing they are behind isnt funny.....plus with a smallish bet into a largeish pot doesnt mean he folded
  7. imagine how nice it would have been to be the guy who knocked him out of the WSOP? lol man what a great feeling that would be
  8. You - ~8,000 chipsUTG ~ 15,000 chipsBlinds: 400/800Bubble @ - 30Players left - 39UTG pushes all in, and you look at AK suited in MP1..............whats the call? UTG has been seen push all in preflop before with a largeish stack and not shown, although said "kings". He is known to raise preflop, and push all in on the flop every time, winning most of the time. Not a LAG, but very aggressive when has a hand..........
  9. First hand of a live tournament, starting stacks are 4,000 blinds are 25/50Im on the button with A Q Action is folded around to me, I raise to 250 SB calls, BB foldsPot = $550Flop comes K 2 6 :spade:SB leads out 200I callPot = $950Turn is 9 :diamonds:SB bets 350I callPot = $1650River is : 4 :club:SB checksI try and value bet at $550........?Looking back now, I think it would have been a little less obvious what I had, had I not called all streets. I think, looking back, I should have raised the flop, not to hard, but hard enough, and called turn bet, or lead out about 33% of pot..........wh
  10. tbh, thinking it over again, if he is a solid player and believes he can outplay out postflop, his range of hands could be anything from pps to suited connectors to monsters. it all depends on his reads on you what range of hands hes willing to play. if he has say a suited connector, and believes you do have a strong hand, then maybe he would call. i cant see him calling with AJ, A10, or any ace under that. maybe KQ...? AQ i would think he would reraise preflop, so yeah your read of a pp could be right, but again it all depends on your reads and his reads........again though, based on that, I
  11. sorry bit confused..........is guy to your right the button? as far as i can tell thats the only way your acting first in this hand as you never said he checked etc on the flop, which would also make you SB.If you are SB, id be tempted to just call preflop bet to disguise the strength of my hand, and since your OOP, it gives you the chance to get away from the hand cheaply if you miss the flop. also since you said you have a very loose player raising and a call from a strong player, you can normally expect at least 1 of them to call you, and again your oop. as played, if in sb, and if your rea
  12. hmm ok, so the bet on the turn is fine? and the check on the flop?
  13. ya know, im not really sure what to say to that....on other news, im now on super monkey tilt, its fun....weeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  14. meh what ya gonna do?Not having best of nights right now, getting great cards but absolutely no flops whatsoever, and after a few hours its starting to get frustrating thus my lil "joke"....as if that happened at my table it WOULD be aces lol
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