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  1. Just so I'm clear, if we get it in on the flop its a virtual coin flip, with me the slight favorite (I think), do I really want him to call me every time in that situation? Would I rather have fold equity or is the fact that I'm a favorite enough to justify getting it all in even if I know its likely he'll call?
  2. Really? I figured it was a coin flip, with me a slight favorite.
  3. Seeing as how this was an obvious to everyone else as it was to me, I'll end it here. I did push, he thought and called with.....10s6c. I bricked out, and said nice call, he turned over his hand and I just sat there in amazement. nh sir. :icon_eh:In all honesty though, I question the play because I've recently come to the conclusion that he has a very bad read of me which leads him to make some really bad calls, which, unfortunately, work out a reasonable amount of the time. So i'm going to change the way I play him and go into a never bluff/value bet mode.
  4. The setting:Just started a cash game (.25/.50 blinds), 3 people in so far. We are actually continuing a game that we started before we broke for a short tournament. The cast:Villian 1 (stack ~35) - I've played a lot with this player, mostly heads up. He's tricky, loose, and aggressive, but sometimes he can be a calling station. He goes with his gut a lot of times without thinking about all of the possibilities. He's right enough of the time to convince him that he has good instincts. But most of the times these plays make no sense. He has been a big winner in our recent games, but is dow
  5. I would raise PF, which would make this hand a little easier to play. As played, I probably fold the flop 3-bet push unless I had a read that this person was an idiot. There's not much you're beating and this looks an awful lot like JJ+.
  6. He's not folding so unless you want to gamble you check/call until you improve. Once you improve you bet the hell out of it.
  7. 1st hand - I would be inclined to raise on the flop. It makes it easier to play. As played I would just call the turn unless he's the type who would stack off with a weak hand (A6, Qx, etc), in which case you should obviously raise. On the river, if they bet I would play it the same as the turn. If they check I value bet. 2nd hand - I call without a specific read. She's too short to fold.
  8. Hand 1 - First off, I lead this flop a lot of times. there's a flush draw, so you want to protect your hand. Plus people give you less credit so you're likely to get called down with a weaker hand that wouldn't have called your check raise (which i'm assuming is what you were going for). On the turn, bet more. No reason to min bet here. From there its fine. You have a strong hand, but you could easily be in trouble. Hand 2 - Good continuation bet IMO. You'll usually win the pot right there. On the river you're not ahead. The only two reasonable draws that call on the flop are 6-4 and
  9. It depends on a lot of factors, such as if the rake is maxed out and how competent your opponent is. I suppose at those stakes you're probably better off pushing because you'll get called by a donk with KQ. But against a normal thinking opponent I might be inclined to just call because they probably wouldn't call without it being a chop anyways. Of course, if the rake is maxed out, raise all you want.
  10. There are a ton of hands that might call preflop but won't be willing to call a bet from an UTG raiser on that flop. By betting the flop you are representing a big pair, AQ, or 77. Villian could easily have AJ+, KJ, KQ, a suited connector, or a small pair that he's not willing to go to war with. Notice that most of those holdings you are beating, but by checking you gave up control of the hand and allowed yourself to bluffed off the best hand. Against some opponents I might call your turn bet with a weak hand thinking you have an AK type hand and I can take it away from you on the turn if
  11. Or someone going nuts with two pair or a set. At these stakes I've seen people go nuts with a9 on boards like this. Easy call IMO.
  12. QFT. The typical loose chasing calling types are the ones you just play relatively straight forward with. You want to give him a chance to get all his money in there. For all you know he could be "trapping" now with a 6 or 87 and he's dying to get all his money in that pot. Those times he's not he'll pay you off. Against the really terrible calling stations I'll bet hands like this even more aggressively sometimes to make it look like a bluff because people just love to make the big calls on paired boards.
  13. I would probably call here. If he called on the flop with a gutshot then more power to him. More likely he has a hand like 5-4 and just made two pair. Perhaps its a split but I just don't buy it. I'll pay this off.
  14. A pot sized bet would be about 25-30, leaving you just 10-15 behind. I might be inclined to just push with your stack size. You likely to get someone with AhAx or KhKx to come along for the ride.
  15. I agree with this. Unless he has jx of spades then everything you beat on the turn you still beat on the river. I would call. The price is right.
  16. I think a big problem with this hand is that on the turn you're not really representing anything. If he has JJ he's not worried about you having a king because you didn't bet the flop in position. So, unless you have specifically 9-10 I wouldn't put you on much if I had JJ or QQ. You got lucky that the river came with an ace, which is really your only hope here, so I'd fire if I were you. But I'm not sure its going to work. Your story doesn't make sense to me unless either you have 9-10, or you were bluffing the turn with Ax and stumbled into top pair. I think you have to bet the flop if
  17. Against an unknown my default is to raise to about 6-8 here. Call a push.
  18. I am in the "fold" camp, followed closely by "call". If it were heads up it wouldn't be a problem. But with a 3rd player, our TPGK is either crushed, or your opponents are drawing very live. You're so lost in this hand I say we dump it and move on.
  19. My default is to call in this spot. As you pointed out the dead money from the BB really makes it worthwile for you. Our equity versus the pot size makes this +EV.
  20. Yeah, it will come with experience though. Hang in there, you have the right mindset it sounds like.
  21. Its hard to think of a hand that will call your bet that you will beat. Unless the villian was calling down with 56 it is unlikely that they have a made hand that doesn't beat yours. You might get value from a busted draw though (clubs or the lone 6). I would likely check here and consider calling a reasonable bet from the opponent, especially if they are the type to bet when shown weakness.
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