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  1. this is what happens when u make such a big raise pre out of position. i understand why u did it, but you were basically trying to take down the limpers money pre. if thats the case, make a bet no one will call like $40-$50. it will do what you want, which is win the pot pre, and if not you still have a big hand.
  2. you can't make the banker finacially responsible or no one would be banker. i think a lot of the problems are actually "extra chips" being put into to play whether it's on purpose or not. i've been banker a few times and what happens alot is that someone busts and wants to rebuy. while the banker is getting the chips a another player or two says while your there give me another $200, give me $100. all of a sudden your doing 3 different transactions for 3 different amounts and they dealt a hand and say it's on you.
  3. bodog gave me $50 for nothing a few months ago. i used to play there a lot, but quit them when their cashout problems started.
  4. i have started cashing out early to avoid this problem. i cashed out early tonight and went to the diner. a few others came later including the guy that was last to cashout. they were short $100 and not one guy offered to chip in. they just stuck the guy who was last to cashout. lucky the guy is a teddybear because he is a very big man. i was super p issed when i found out about it. he wouldn't even let me buy him breakfast, instead he paid for the whole table. i wish i had his temperment.
  5. how do you guys handle it when there is not enough money to cash everyone out at a home game. i've run into this problem several times over the years, and it happened again tonight. i'm just curious to see different solutions.
  6. Stinger didnt show. too bad too. over 30 people showed up at the game.
  7. i'm going to play a cash game at my budddies' house tonight. one of our poker buddies was a high school teacher of Brian's. he was kind of a mentor to him when he first got started. anyway, supposedly, he's bringing Brian tonight. hope he shows up. it would be cool to play and talk with someone of his caliber.
  8. if i made the final table, id follow gordon's advice. i'd put up a hundred or two and have 8 poker buddies play a winner take all sitngo matching all the other players stacks. i'd do it a few times a week. you could even instruct players to check raise, bluff slowplay you ect... even though my buddies styles wouldn't match up with the real players, just having the experience of plaing the "final table" a few dozen times could prove to be really valuable. maybe even more valuable than instruction. i think instruction could really mess with your head if your teacher doesnt have the same
  9. what happened to thunder. i used to watch him just crush people @ $ 300-600 o8 and limit holdem day after day. this was probably one of the biggest games offered online then. i havent seen or heard of him in a couple of years.
  10. the possible return of party poker or whatever site you once called home is not what you should be rooting for. a quick and reliable e wallet like neteller or epassporte is what i am dreaming of. it would mean a lot more profit for everyone concerned, except the fish of course. hopefully a reapeal would result in this happening.
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