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  1. Best of luck for the FT tomorrow DN. Great WSOP so far. Close it out now with a win imo!
  2. Because it's the Sutherland Shire.
  3. And I agree with this 100%. The ferry over to Taronga Zoo is one of lifes little treasures.
  4. I live on the southern end of the Cronulla peninsula. At the mouth of the Port Hacking river, opposite the Royal National Park.In other words........Gods Country.
  5. And if you get a chance get out of the city sometime. Check out the coast, the picture in my avatar is about 30 kms south of the city and borders a beautiful National Park.. Or you can head north, Manly is cool but the Newport Arms is a great place for a beer, simply stunning....really the list is endless.
  6. Wow, haven't been around much in the last few weeks and Danny boy arrives in Old Sydney Town. Hope you're enjoying yourself, if not then you're not trying hard enough. Can't believe I missed it all, anyway have fun!
  7. yu guys see some of the 5k HU matches? guys were flipping for FPP's......ROFL, they have stopped them now.
  8. OMG, tell me your avatar is not who I think it is.
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