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  1. Hi all, Been ages since I have posted on FCP! I am an Aussie looking to purchase / subscribe to sports tips, mainly the NBA (hence posting this thread). There are heaps of packages out there, are you able to suggest any? Alternatively, are there any highly successful sports / NBA handicappers here on FCP? Obviously I am happy to pay for the tips if they are good and there is proof of a long term winning history. Cheers, Kouta
  2. I dont like just calling the flop given you are oop, which means shove most of the time and very rarely folding is an option if this guy is a complete nit - you would want to know the player pretty well though.What did you plan on doing if he bet the turn?
  3. Think you played it ok, the only street you could have played differently was leading out on the flop
  4. As played dont think you can fold, but i agree i wouldn;t be happy facing the overbet on the river.
  5. If you really are capable of beating these SnG's just grind your roll back up. If you cant do that then you probably arent as +EV as you think. Good Luck !
  6. No way you should fold here. Personally Id call and trsut my postflop skills, but re raising and then assesing if he pushes isnt horrible either, problem is you are oop if you see a flop and the pot will be quite big, just calling keeps the pot while you are smaller oop.
  7. A friend of mine recently started playing online, he has been playing full ring 0.5/1 at stars, and whilst he started ok has struggled recently.here are his stats for last 4,000 hands, in 2x2,000 blocks:> Hold'em (Real Money):>> 2000 hands played and saw flop:> - 74 times out of 218 while in small blind (34%)> - 137 times out of 215 while in big blind (64%)> - 308 times out of 1567 in other positions (20%)> - a total of 519 times out of 2000 (26%)>> Pots won at showdown - 69 out of 145 (48%)> Pots won without showdown - 145 and>
  8. What are you whinging about..you sucked out with K6 v AA. If you really had your wish that bad beats didnt hit you wouldnt have even got to the A2v22 hand.
  9. You really think you can avg 200 playing 1/2 limit?thats 100bbassume you beat the game for 2bb/100, and say you 4 table at 100hands/hr, thats 12.5 hours...i guess you chop a few hours off for bonus+rakeback, maybe it is possible...just thinking out loud, im trying to do something similar playing 2/4-3/6 and some 5/10. I play at UB but realise i should broaden my horizons in terms of sites- oh this is 6max lhe by the way. Any recomendations for other sites for what im doing?
  10. You were playing the lotto and your number didnt come up. Get over it.I dont think anyone likes you.
  11. You know little about poker, and even less about variance.
  12. Yes, he is out the $1255 and the money is his. If you get robbed of your paycheck just as its being hande to you, would you say it wasnt money you had in the first place so you arent as such out of the money? Fuking amateurs.
  13. More importantly, how much did you win and what games were you playing?
  14. was in a very juicy 20/40 6 max game (LHE) before. I think about as good as you will ever get in a game at that level.
  15. It is actually interesting. I dont think you cany say Sklansky or HOH are interesting reads. Informative yes, interesting no. You aernt on the plane ride to study. Go AOtR.
  16. Ace on the River by Greenstein.Great mix of pleasure reading/tips to improve your game. Perfect for a plane trip.peace.
  17. anyone got a sign up bonus code for me?
  18. DO you call an ace high straight a royal straight?
  19. any retard could put him on KK or AA here, with about 9/10 being AA. This is why donkeys are good.
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    yeh not much. made a few bucks switching from 6 max lhe to 6 max NL, mainly 1/2 then 2/4 with some 3/6 and 5/10. Felt my concentration lapsing so taking an indefinite break before i piss my winnings away.
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    Havent posted on here in quite a while.whats up?
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