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  1. Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em, 11 Tournament, 100/200 Blinds (7 handed) - Full-Tilt Hand Converter from HandHistoryConverter.comSB (t7455)BB (t4060)UTG (t2330)Hero (MP1) (t5580)MP2 (t4375)CO (t3710)Button (t1675)Hero's M: 18.60Preflop: Hero is MP1 with 10, A1 fold, Hero bets t500, 4 folds, BB calls t300Flop: (t1100) A, 9, 5(2 players)BB checks, Hero checksTurn: (t1100) 4(2 players)BB bets t200, Hero calls t200River: (t1500) J(2 players)BB bets t600, Hero calls t600Total pot: t2700This is a hand I did not want to play a huge pot with. I hate my river call cause I feel I can only be beat there.In o
  2. So 'O' > Zumanity > MystereWhere does LOVE fit into this hierarchy?
  3. You obv don't like my call then. That being said, what are we putting him on? I would think he protects top pair/trips on the flop/turn with the flush/straight draws out there. Why flat the flop and check back if he has a value hand? I play a flush draw similarly in my spot, he should be protecting.I could see him maybe having flopped a set and turned the boat and playing it this way, but not 90+% of the time.
  4. I do not have the A of diamonds. Older. He didn't seem like a player capable of a value bet. Live reads were minimal as I was the 9 seat and he was the 1.
  5. 1/2 at Mirage.I am playing about $200 deep, Villain playing about $400.I am middle position with AK and make it $11. Late position calls, SB, BB call.Flop: Q 5d 9d. SB check, BB check, I bet $20, late position flats. SB, BB fold.Turn: (Q 5d 9d) 8. I check, Late position checks.River: (Q 5d 9d 8) Q. I check, Late position insta bets $26. I tank and flat.What percentage of the time is he trying to steal with a busted draw and what percentage of the time is this a value bet?
  6. Leaning towards O... but Mystere is light years cheaper. I've been interning at the WSOP and it definitely wasn't for the money.Haven't heard a bad thing about either show though.I appreciate the feedback. Keep it coming!
  7. I'm staying at Mirage the 18th, 19th and 20th and want to go see a show. I've seen LOVE and will be seeing it again before this trip, so I don't want to go a third time. I went to see Ka at MGM and was very disappointed.I've heard great things about Mystere as well as Le Reve. The thing is, I am less impressed by the athleticism and choreographed dances as I am by the acrobatics. I want to see something and go, "Holy sh*t. That was awesome." People doing the same dance or cartwheels don't usually do that for me.What do you all think of O? I have heard great things about that as well.Let me kno
  8. 1/2 at MGM Grand.Myself and Villain are both playing about $200 deep.I have KQ utg +1 and make it $11. Get four callers (obv) and the blinds fold.Flop comes AK3. I check, Villain bets out $30, three folds and I flat.Turn comes out (AK3)4. I check, Villain checks.River comes out (AK34)8. I bet out $50.Basically I am wondering what you think of this bet. When Villain checks I feel my K is good, but still very well could be up against a weak Ace. Should I check/call here instead to control the pot?
  9. Do I want to build oop with a mid pair? The 'weak' hands that call me all are basically a coin flip against my hand, are they not?Bigger on turn? Why more than the pot?I feel the largest mistake here was not betting out at the flop. By doing that, I could have prob gotten the majority of my money in good... instead of dead like I did as played.
  10. $1/$2 at Flamingo.I am in the SB with 77. Three MP callers, I flat, BB checks (5 handed).Flop: AA7. I check in first position, it checks around... Ugh...Turn: 6. No flush, no nada. I bet out pot ($10) to look like an overbet/steal. MP flats. Two handed now.River: 5. Board read AA765 rainbow. I overbet $35, a little more than pot to look like a steal. MP postures, shuffles some chips around, and obv min raises to $70. I tank, and flat.Thoughts: Raise pre? Do I bet out the flop for value hoping that someone limped with a weak A? Was my river bet a good overbet, or did I just set myself up for fa
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