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  1. How could they pull it off constantly if the guy who refuses to pay is arrested and prosecuted each time?The house would only expected to make good on the bet if there is overwhelming evidence - in this case, written and video evidence. More than enough to convict. So anyone trying this scam would be short-lived, with a conviction for each successful scam.
  2. I've talked to a lot of people on this now, and they all tell me the same thing. Caesar's could not make him pay, and most every poker room handles this situation the same way. I've heard two other stories of similar incidents at other casinos, and they were handled the same way. In both cases, the players never got the money. I don't know if there were convictions or not.Most of the dealers at Caesar's are good, but the dealer who dealt this hand was a newbie, and it was an oversight on my part not to take extra care with the hand. I just wasn't prepared for this possibility. From now o
  3. To everyone who is saying I am railing against Caesar's and saying they are evil etc, I suggest you reread the original post. It is just a straightforward telling of events that happened, followed by some questions that seem pretty reasonable to ask in this situation.There are obviously a lot of different opinions here, ranging from people who think Caesar's is totally responsible, to those who think they are not responsible at all. Some think I should have done more myself. I'm wondering that myself, but I specifically asked the gaming officer about that, and he said it would have been a bad
  4. Yes, his hand was dead on the turn. He mucked it way out in front of him, on the other side of the flop, and the dealer put it in the muck.This may not be a clear cut issue as far as Caesar's is concerned. But what about for a regular poker player? Do I always have to depend on people to pay up? It doesn't make any sense.
  5. Yeah, that is why I told the gaming officer that if the guy agreed to pay, I was cool with him not getting prosecuted. But he was real gung ho on pushing the charges. It makes sense, but I just want my money. I'm sure the guy regrets it, he's probably pissed off himself. I didn't do anything wrong, but I'm sure he's pissed. He'd probably pay up and count himself lucky to walk away at this point.The real way this should have been handled is just to get him to pay, period. The threat of "jail and pay" or "pay and leave" would work I'm sure. If they decide they must press charges, then the
  6. I understand that Caesar's is not putting up the bets, but that doesn't change the fact that if I had lost the hand, I'd have paid. So basically, I was putting money at risk, with no possibility for profit. I think there should be more accountability than that! Maybe that's expecting too much, but it only seems fair.I think if he is convicted, I'll get the money - they'll make him pay restitution. If he doesn't, he'll get more jail time, etc. I'd expect that it would end up as a plea bargain, which is fine, or he'll get off because the prosecutor will decide there isn't enough evidence.
  7. I just left a $2-$5 no limit cash game at Caesar's in Las Vegas. What just happened to me sounds like something out of a movie. A player who had over $2,000 in front of him went all in and I called with $1,255 in front of me. Then the player declared that he hadn't gone all in, took his money, and left. Now to the details.This player had said earlier that his name is J.R. My name is Matt. We were in the poker room at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, at table 9 in the middle of the room. I was in the 2 seat, and J.R. was in the 6 seat. FYI Caesar's has all of their cash games going 9 handed now.J.
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