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  1. How would you expect anyone here to know the answer to that? and who really cares?
  2. Can the producers of High Stakes Poker tell you what you can or can't bet on during the show?Wouldn't it be better to include the viewers on the PROPs side of the game rather than remove it from the show?I know it is a poker show but I think they should keep the props and allow you players to enter your picks on a hidden console so we know what the hell is going on. That would be cool... Though it would probably add too much confusion to the average moron.. er idiot.. er viewer...Your thoughts Daniel?
  3. I left some blank to add to the fun dumb dumb..
  4. That one in the middle is getting her ear licked by that guy in the background
  5. I like Yoda.. next to mine of course
  6. This is a good thread actaully....My goal is the same as it was last year and the year before:Do whatever it takes to qualify for the 2008 WSOP.So far all I have done to get closer to that goal is PLAY ALOT OF POKER...
  7. JAMIE GOLD?? I never saw him on 1 episode.. wtf?
  8. What I find funny is that the original post asked for a DIFINATIVE answer to the question, but he'll never ever get that here at a poker forum...
  9. My dad died when I was 17. Can I have some condolences too? I didn't luck out at the WSOP or anything but I am sad. We live, we watch people die, we die. It's a cycle. It sucks it has to happen, but it HAS to happen. I just hope when I die, there is a forum that has 20 posts in it about me.
  10. http://www.gsn.com/hsp/I have most of these guys named, but can you name each one from left to right for Row 1, Row 2 and Row 3And.. where is Mike the Mouth and Phil Ivey? Are they in this pic?Back Row 1 = 5 peeps, (unknown, Todd B., unknown, unknown, unknown)Middle Row 2 = 8 peeps (unknown, Daniel N., Doyle B., unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Phil L.)Front Row 3 = 2 peeps (ellie, unknown, )Please fill in the blanks for me. Thanks
  11. I think I read in this forum that FCP has a bad (one of the worst) poker games online. Not sure why they said that, but it did prevent me from depositing here.
  12. Did you guys take alot of 'E' on this night? Sound slike you need a hug.
  13. It's not a strat to wow people or to impress anyone. It's a strat, that long term, at the smallest levels, will show you a profit.Dude, you need to grow a brain and do the math.. you have no clue.
  14. Smash is around, he only reads the 'Smash is a Genius thread'.. Actually, that's the only reason he still comes around... for that thread. He dissappeared for awhile because he was having some doubts about his genius, but realized there are still a bunch of morons who continue to believe it.
  15. haha, I jsut wished I had posted it earlier.. lol
  16. Well, I hate to point this out but the '9' on the one side of the card is upside down.. lol
  17. I guess you've figured out by now, this isn't the forum to be posting anything that may require the people to say 'good for you' and mean it. The flamers here many and are just a bunch of unemployeed old guys who can't play poker worth **** but claim they make money at it. That would make anyone bitter after a few years wouldn't it? They jealous of you man, it's the only reason they beefin.
  18. Come on, give us newbs a break! So many times I read a thread that says 'How could Daniel make that call agasint gus?'Then the post goes on to say something like, 'IDaniel made that call after the river and I thought he should have folded.. How can he make that call with such a large stack?.. etc...'I mean, there's no clip, no hand history, no hand explaination.. you think we know the hell you are talking about. The frightening thing is, there are 15 replies that form a discussion about a hand I have no clue about.So please, make some sense when you post for us NEWBS...Here's a link to an ex
  19. What people are failing to notice is that this tool of his only works in the play money tables.
  20. Be honest, no one knows what you are clicking you don't need to lie. I am very interested to see how much people have made over their poker lives.
  21. Best one I've used after a DONK win:Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee HaaaaaaaaaaaaaW!
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