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  1. Ok, looking at the way the hand played out, I think the villian has you beat. If this table is tight then I think the MP just calling the 15 PF with UTG calling in front and many people to act behind would be something like 1010, if he is tight then he would not play KT from that position and he probably wouldn't raise with a top-medium pair, KK would have rasied PF, so when you raise the turn when the second 7 hits and he re-raises you, I think he either has 1010 or A7s at the least since he can assume you raised with a 7.JMO
  2. Thanks, I appreciate your response.
  3. I used 70 FPP's to win a seat in the Sunday 100G but I can't play, I only played in the satellite for something to do and won it. Now what are my options. Last time I just let the seat expire, or blind off or whatever.
  4. Not if you've seen my stats!!! HAHA!
  5. Makes sense because I don't play much. I usually upload at most $50 then play SNG's and then donk off at the tables.
  6. It depends on which "high" you are talking about.
  7. Azbat_1, but don't make fun of me. Well, you can because like I said, I really don't care.
  8. I know, this is a noob question, but someone told me the other day that they "Looked up my stats". How do I do that? I would like to know what my stats are and also my SNG stats are. I usually kill the 6 man SNG so that would be interesting. TIA!
  9. Ok, maybe I am just a donk, but I think BR is highly over-rated. I mean, look at Jamie Gold, he has the bankroll to play at the level with the big boys, but not the skill level. Just because Ms. Gold won the ME and has the BR to play at that level doesn't mean that he should be playing at that level. The game I play in is 1/2 $200 max buy-in and it is usually with the same players every week. There are some really good players there and I know that a few of them have me dominated in terms of skill level and playing time, but that isn't why I am playing. I am playing for the enjoyment and the l
  10. Yeah, I got that impression also, OP can lose a lot of money that way. I mean, if this guy has jacks, 9's, AK, or anything at all really he is going to call. I mean, it cost him another $12.75 into a $47 pot.
  11. On the flop, it doesn't matter what you have, fold. I know you want to make some all-star play at this guy, but shouldn't you wait until you have a better opportunity? I mean, you had $1 in the pot at that point. You call the $2 then bet out on the turn for $3.50 get raised to $9, and now you shove with Q high? So you go from potentially losing $1 to losing your stack with Q high and no draw? Fold the flop and wait for a better spot, let him have your $1.
  12. HAHA! I am still here, this guy just got under my skin a little. He knows some of my family and knows that I don't care for them too much, I haven't talked to my parents in 10 years and I only talk to a couple of my brothers and my sister. (I am the youngest of 8 kids, 7 boys and one girl, one brother committed suicide 18 years ago). He would say shit about me and my family which took things a little too far. You know we all have our soft spots and unfortunately this guys hit a couple of mine. Remember that walk I talked about, well it is times like that when the peace pipe comes in handy!!!
  13. It may sound patronizing, but he does the same thing to me, now it is just needling and it doesn't go much farther than that. If I was to limp with the 6's then there is no doubt more people will enter the pot and I would have really no idea where I am. I like to raise PF with small - middle pair or limp depending on the mood. I wouldn't say that I do the same every time, I limp with 8's or 9's, raise to 24 or whatever my mood is at the time. By raising to 14 I control how much I lose. Most of the time people make it 24 or so when the straddle is on. If I get re-raised then I am at the point w
  14. I don't mind you busting my chops, no biggie. I don't care about the bad beat aspect of it, I know that happens especially with people like this guy. I was just wondering how you all would deal with this kind of a player. This guy just seems to want to bust my nuts and since I started being Mr. Rogers I have had a lot better results, not just against him but overall. It took me awhile to figure out what his buttons were, but he really hates it when I sincerely say, "Nice hand, Mr. Larry" or when I win a big pot from him I make sure and say, "Thank you very much, Sir. I appreciate your donatio
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