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  1. I don't cheer even when my team is winning. I'm not much of a cheering person.Criticism doesn't mean you're not a fan. It just means you think your team is being stupid.Which happens.
  2. Better than cheering while the other team is winning.
  3. I can't take you seriously any more. Sorry.
  4. Then why bother posting?And returning to see what people say back?Two pair. Ks over 8s
  5. Ummm... no? Deeper stacks and longer levels make the game more suitable for good players.The more you can alleviate the element of chance (coinflips) early in the tournament, the less likely that a lousy player will pick up a huge stack early on. If you play a structure where the blinds double every ten minutes, you're just going to have to accept that you're going to put your chips in when you don't want to. You talk about bad players waiting for good hands... I've never heard anyone accuse a bad player of playing too tight. Generally, it's the good players that are patient enough to pla
  6. I feel pretty good now. I won a whole 134 dollars by finishing first in one of Royal Vegas' $1000 freerolls.It was a good run, and there were some decent players in it there at the end.Good job to anyone else that monied. It was a blast. 3333 Entrants, 1st place, $134. For free.
  7. He must be. If Raymer was better he would have won the ME first.Right?>.><.<
  8. It's great to hear about games in Denver, but what about those of us in the southern half of the state. Face it, Cripple Creek... well... it sucks.Are there any good games on the north end of the Springs or Monument? Somewhere that I wouldn't have to drive two hours each way?
  9. Personally, I'd like the other players at the table to think I'm braindead.Then they call my all-ins.Either way, it's good for me.I think you mistake that a large number of people even realize this strategy exists, much less are actively watching for it.Even then, there's nothing they can do to make money off of you.So who cares if one person at your table figures out what you're doing.I'm not making money off of the good players anyway.I'm making bank from the HUNDREDS of horrible fish that play low level NL Hold 'em.Besides, it gives me something to do while I'm watching TV and it's a welcom
  10. The system is not counterable, nor is it exploitable.The best you can do if someone is using it is to avoid playing hands with them. Fact is, that doesn't bother them since they're not worried about you anyway.Besides, playing this strategy correctly, you'll notice that you only see a flop about one in six hands or so. Since probably a third of the time everyone folds when you go all in anyway, how are you possibly going to figure out someone is using this strategy anyway?About the best you can tell is that someone goes all-in when they have a huge advantage.It doesn't immediately identify
  11. Anyway, to wrap up. I just walked away with $1700 playing 1/2 NL. I played two tables and watched a couple of movies.I know that variance will eventually kick my ass at this game, right?Good thing this was just an experiment. Anyway, I'll stick with 10/20 LHE until I feel comfotable moving up. I can beat that game, and it's not so boring. 1500 bucks on a strategy like this though... you can't beat that. I laugh though, because according to Smash's logic, NL players are the biggest idiots in the world. (At low limits anyway)
  12. Well, I play NL in tourneys, but after watching these people play at a ring game it's completely different. People will call preflop raises with anything and then say later "I knew you had AA, but I just had to go for it with my 85o"It's almost funny.
  13. Pretty much people will call with TPTK, or two pairlesser pairs when I'm all in with KK or AA.Works out well.Not that I'm going to switch to NL on a regular basis, but it certainly can be profitable fun at least.
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