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  1. The problem with full tilt is that I would trust Jack Abramoff to do my taxes before I would trust full tilt with my money. Funny how its the only site where i seem have either the nuts or the second nuts against someone else who has the nuts or the second nuts every time i log on. You can call me paranoid, but isin't it a little neive not to consider that a site that is un-regulated wouldn't consider skimming a little off of the top. Which that can do by increacing the pot size in cash games, and making tournaments go faster.
  2. Does anyone know if there is a program that allows you to run windows programs on a mac thats cheaper than virtual PC? The only site I can play on with this damned thing is Bugsys Club which has like 1-2 tables per limit, and all the games suck. And another thing, to the Poker Players alliance, don't send me a crappy t-shirt, use my freaking money to do something. And can't you pretty much use anything to launder money. We might as well outlaw personal loans, banks, and gifts. Anyway virtual PC is like 230 bucks, anyone know of anything cheaper. Thanks
  3. Anyone know any other sites besides FCP and FTP that you can play on a mac that are still taking U.S. customers. Thanks
  4. I don't think gold wasn't planning on playing alot of poker tournaments and I don't think varckoni ever did. Anyway, I don't consider gold a donk at all. Obviously he got extremely lucky to win the WSOP, but I was also impressed with his play. I don't think I have ever seen anyone use table talk as effectivley as Gold in the WSOP. He seemed to be able to make his opponents fold or call based on his talk. Sick of typing so, BOOOOOYACASHA!!!!!!
  5. Quit complaining, you admit there are more donks. So stfu idiot, isint that what u want. The reason the prize pools are so high is cause the many donks pay the buyin. In fact there would be like 100 people playing on this site total if it wasnt for all the donks that came in during the poker boom. You can still play agressivly you just have to know who you can do it against.
  6. I think gold mentioned that he played poker almost every day for the past 2 years. Not to mention that he was tutored by johnny chan. Gold is no donk. BOOYACASHA
  7. is this site down or something? why cant i logon?
  8. Is FCP still accepting money from US customers? What is their plan?
  9. Thanks guys. Kind of dissapointed about the age though I'm only 18. It's alot of BS if you ask me, you can bet at the racetrack when your 17, but cant play a game of skill untill your 21? Ach!
  10. I wanted to take my game from online to live, does anyone know of casinos 3 or less hours away from the chicagoland area that have NL holdem? And does anyone know what age you have to be to play? Also do you know what limits they have? Thanks guys I appreciate it.
  11. I respect him for going with his origonal reads. Which he knows are right if someone doesnt hit a 2 outer on him.
  12. I know right. I don't think you realize how close we are to losing our rights. This is not a joke. Look at this video.
  13. Any1 else not able to connect to poker room today? Maybe it is my computer. Anyway the site is horrible so I think I'll deposit here
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