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  1. Hey guys this is a video I made about all the one uppers in the world. It is mainly about my step dad who exaggerates everything to the extreme and expects me to believe him. He is also always playing stupid pranks on people. Enjoy!
  2. What are you talking about? It isn't spam it's a link to my YouTube video. I swear.
  3. Hey guys I just made this video and need some feed back. You have to watch it until the end!Funny or not funny?Sarah Palin-You Betcha
  4. Uhhhhh.... UUUmmmmm.... My account got hacked!!... Yea that's it...."Baby, I'm sorry I can't pay rent this month, or the rest of this year for that matter. All my earnings were stripped away this morning when some jerk hacked into my account on Pokerstars. I really hope you understand. I can't believe this happened to me. I mean, I heard about it happening to other people, but I never thought it could happen to me. Please forgive me. That's the last time I'll keep our rent on Pokerstars, I swear. I guess I should try to get a job now, because this professional poker player thing isn't working
  5. I really hope this is sarcasmgrammEr class... LOLI can't believe you spelled grammar wrong when you were telling someone to take a grammar class
  6. same thing happened for me man.....2 or 3 days ago it said accepted and now it says pending!!
  7. Did you grow up in Abilene Byan Railey?
  8. When did u withdraw??And does yours say accepted??And do you play on Full Tilt??
  9. Okay, on Monday,approximately 2 days before Neteller quit accepting US transactions to and from gambling websites, I withdrew 4,000 bucks from Full Tilt.I withdrew this money using EFT on Monday and since Wednesday sometime, the transaction that it was accepted but the money still isnt in my bank account.It usually only takes 2 days after i withdraw the money for it to be in my account, but it has almost been 5 days, and what really worries me is that the transaction says it has been accepted.Why would something like this happen? I called Neteller and they told me that it was already accepted
  10. what do you mean the threshold is alot more than $1000... u think if i just straight up cash out 3500 from my neteller account that i wont have any kinds of problems??and do i just wait til the end of the year to declare these winnings or what?
  11. Alright coolThanx for the advice.Like i said... I'm new to this winning more than 1000 dollars thing, so whoever has any advice let me know
  12. So if i cashout 999 dollars once a week through neteller.. i wont have any problems???
  13. Hey guys... I'm pretty excited right now because I just had my biggest win in my poker "career".I took down the FTP 12,000 guarantee for 4895 and was my first score over 1000 dollars lol...I was just wondering what the max i can cash out is without having any kind of trouble with the IRS or anything... im wantin to cash out 3000.... would i have to do anything out of the ordinary from withdrawing like 300??
  14. Hey guys.... I wasnt paying attention when i registered for a satellite and accidentally registered for a saturday tourney instead of a sunday tourneyIt's a satellite to the 50K on saturday and i was wondering if on Full Tilt, if i won a seat to this tourney would i have to play this coming saturday or could i wait to play it another saturday?... I know you can wait and play another one on stars but i wasnt sure about Full Tilt.??If so I'm gonna try and knock myself out to win some of the consolation money instead..
  15. damn, shoulda stuck with the dont play anything philosophyi limp with KQ flop comes Q23 guy bets, i push, he obv. has AQsucks when AA is the only thing u might win with
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