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  1. As a 40+ year old soon to be divorced man, you just described my fantasy.Vegas + alone = happiness
  2. The single biggest fish-fest is at the Excalibur.They give an 11am lesson. At noon the 1-2nl and 2-4 limit tables are full of people playing live for the first time.It attracts a bunch of local retirees looking for a few easy bucks and some comp time, but as far as soft goes, that game is like a Tempurpedic mattress. Just play ABC poker and don't get too steamed when your aces get cracked by someone calling with J-10. Plus, they have a bad beat spin the wheel thingie thats pretty cool.MGM across the street is MUCH nicer then anything in the area.
  3. http://www.newsday.com/news/local/suffolk/...0,2834219.storyI hate playing on the net so I have been playing live.We got raided the other night. The players were just told to leave, but the managers got arrested.I didn't have a lot of chips on the table because I suck at poker, but I don't think anyone is going to be getting their money back.
  4. I haven't found the footage yet because I am at work and can't access YouTube and other sites, but there is supposed to be footage of him doing other stunts like standing outside a bookstore when Harry Potter was released with a big sign saying "Harry Dies". From Newsday:Andrew Meyer has his own Web site and it contains several "comedy" videos that he appears in. In one, he stands in a street with a sign that says "Harry Dies" after the latest Harry Potter book was released. In another, he acts like a drunk while trying to pick up a woman in a bar. If you google his name it links to his person
  5. You know I kind of like that idea.Retired police officers / military / FBI / DEA fly a couple of round trips a year as armed air marshalls and in exchange they get two free first class round trip tickets to use themselves for vacations. It doesn't really cost the airlines anything and it gets more armed air marshalls on more flights.The only thing I was a little concerned with was the ammo. My father was a transit cop in the NYC subway system. They had to carry .38 revolvers and lower velocity ammo because there was concern that if they had to fire in the crowded subway the bullet would go thr
  6. There are donks and fish at all levels.Just be happy getting your money in with the best hand and variance will reward you.
  7. blah, blah, intellectual bullshit, blah, blah, So you would willingly and in fact rather put your health care decisions in the hands of idiots? Have you ever even had a health care issue? I have. I am a colon cancer survivor. I am here today because I got a good education and got a good job that offers good health insurance. I can personally attest that our system works just fine. At no point when the Dr told my wife and I in the hospital that I had cancer did I ever think, hmmmm... maybe I should move to Cuba.
  8. The irony is its the same people who think that the American government is inept at handling the things that they currently have on their plate that think they should take over health care.I'll stick with the system the way it is thank you. If I don't like my doctor or my hospital, I am free to go find another one. I can see specialists and get second opinions. If someone thinks that the government can't even handle the aftermath of a hurricane or a war is going to be suddenly much more competent when they are making decisions about my health what are they basing it on?Either they are idiots
  9. The stupidest thing I ever saw was something that I actually did. The first time I ever played a live tournament was at Alladin.A few levels into it I limped with a marginal hand and saw a flop with three other players. Post flop it was checked to me and I had bottom pair and no draw. I wanted to throw out a pot size bet and see where my pair stood so I reached down and grabbed two $100 chips and threw them out. The dealer announced "Bet is $2000". I grabbed the wrong chips. When the dealer said the amount my face went pale when I realized I led out bottom pair for 2k. The other players read m
  10. You shouldn't automatically hate people based on the color of their skin or their religion. If you take the time to really get to know them as individuals, you will realize exactly how much of an ass hole most people are. Then you will have valid reasons to hate them.
  11. The truly scary thing is that when it comes election time, your vote counts as much as mine.Dogs are sentient beings. They are social animals. Fish are not. One is survival in a regulated industry that has helped sustain human life on this planet since the begining of recorded time. Hunting parties are pictured on cave walls. One is cruelty for cruelty sake. A cow is part of the food chain. The circle of life. One animal dies so another can live. That is the way its has been since cavemen walked the earth. Yes we can all live the Vegan lifestyle as a choice and not eat any animals, but enough
  12. Exactly how dirty is your apartment to deter you from a three some with two hot chicks?I would have went for it if I lived in a refrigerator box in an alley or a van down by the river.Clean your place man, it already cost you a great night.
  13. To you. To the world, not so much.Here are a few snippets from everyday life. Which one is you and which is the PresidentBreakfast:1)Briefed by Pentagon about status of the warOR2) bowl of Trix eaten over the sinkLunch1)conference call with world leader regarding trade agreementOR2) Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich eaten over the sinkDinner1) met with visiting world leader regarding support for war on terroror2) a supersized #1 eaten while driving a 72 Datsun B210After dinner1) Met with senior staff to discuss changing interest rate to spark economyOR2 played online poker for a few hours, swit
  14. You keep telling yourself that your time is just as important as the Presidents.
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