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  1. Alright just trying to limit the drive but I guess Ill do what I have to do. I'm coming from Amarillo, Texas
  2. Camel Rock in Santa FeSandia in AlbuquerqueCities of Gold in Santa FeRoute 66 in AlbuquerqueFireLake in Shawnee OKCherokee CasinoIf so would you recommend a weekend poker trip to that casino? Also if you know of another poker room in the area that is better let me know. I'm basically looking for a good 24hr room most rooms that I have found die about midnight.
  3. Alright thanks guys. I tried it again and it went through, well, instantly. Great service
  4. How long does it take to go through? Ive never used it so I decided to put the min $25 through and its been ten minutes and it hasn't gone through nor have I recieved a rejection letter of some sorts.
  5. eljo


    Build up 500k in play chips and sell them off to one of those sites who buys them.
  6. Arkansas: It's were Texas keeps its mountains.
  7. Happy Birth Day, its my birthday as well, except Im 27 and thats not exciting just another year closer to 30.
  8. Alright, thanks for the info. We are both too damn competitive towards each other to cheat.
  9. To play against each other so we can talk shit to each other later.
  10. It just occurred to me that my friend and I use the same network for internet. He uses my wi-fi to connect to the net from his apartment next door. We both play on poker stars and a few times we play the same tournament and cash game. If someone was to report me for collusion we would have the same IP. Is this something I should report to Poker Stars support just encase it happens?
  11. I read about the first 5 chapters at a friends house. I need to go buy it
  12. Low limit holdem is a fools errand. Im sure you have all have already learned this.
  13. To me she is smoking hot and I love her. The Vegas trip was her idea, I was just trying to take advantage of the situation and get some hands in while I'm in Vegas.
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