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  1. I could have sworn that any minute, Adam & Diego were going to take turns blowing Shulman.
  2. Anyone interested in action on the UFC 100 in Vegas this weekend?
  3. I may not meet your post count quota, but I'm interested in running it.robbwThanks for your consideration.
  4. You most certainly did. Maybe next time for me!
  5. wings, cheese dip, ranch/bacon/sour cream dip, cupcakes, coronas
  6. Shipped from robbw on Stars.glgl
  7. I'll take this if stars is good for you. Tails on coin toss for me for $20. I know I'm a relatively unknown poster. Therefore (and to get action), I'll ship before if I need to. If I win, you ship it back plus $20. Let me know. Please confirm before 3PM CST. Thanks.
  8. No worries, I understand completely. Shipped. We good to go?
  9. I'll take this action. So, for me:tails on coin toss (beginning coin toss only)arizona 1st to scorearizona 1st to turnover the ballLet me know. robbw on stars. Please confirm before 3PM CST.
  10. $10 the opening coin flip is tales for the Steelers/Cardinals Super Bowl Game tomorrow. My money is on Stars.
  11. That's me. Two squares please. PS = robbw
  12. I would buy a square again, possibly two.
  13. Pittsburg/Arizona4/7Nice.Somewhat pertinent site: http://mcgonnigle.wordpress.com/2007/01/30...mber-frequency/
  14. I will be in Wilmington, DE, week after next. I know Atlantic City is about 1.5-2 hours away, but I was wondering if there was any decent casinos with poker rooms closer than that.Thanks.
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