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  1. Alright, Im going for sure. I live at college in the middle of the state of illinois, and they have a small airport here, and just my luck they have flights tomorrow morning straight to vegas non stop via airtran airways, and it gets even better. I found that this particular airline has a program called "Airtran U" its for like college kids i guess. And if you go into the airport and go on standby and your 18-22 years olds....and theres an empty seat, which the lady on the phone said there def will be, then its only $69 one way...and u can only bring like a carry on. So its so legit..and circu
  2. Its thanksgiving break, and everyone went home for break at college, but im still here because I need to be here for some court down here on wed. and cant just drive home, because my license is suspended. Im bored as hell, and have nothing to do, but I am considering going to vegas tomorrow morning, only until tuesday evening when I would fly back here. I would be alone, and this would be a total last minute thing. I have never been to vegas since I just turned 21 2 months ago. Would you go to vegas alone? If you did go alone what would you do from 10 am sunday morning until 6pm tues afterno
  3. I used to use it all the time when i played on poker room. Only to deposit though not to withdraw, im not sure about their withdrawl options. I liked it though and never had any problems, you can use a feature that is the same is instana cash on neteller.
  4. I've always tried to use my credit/debit card to deposit directly to the poker sites, and it never has worked..even when i try it through neteller, but I just tried for some reason right now, just to see, and to my surprise it went through? Does anyone know why this could be? Im in the US and everything. Thanks
  5. Is this serious? im confused. 23 hour clocks/
  6. im leaving for niagara falls tonight, and was wondering if my United states..(us cellular) phone service will work in canada. Maybe since its right over the border, the cell towers will still reach ?? Anyone know? Thanks!
  7. Im leavin sunday, this 1-2 game at casino niagara sounds juicy..cant wait. This is gonna be a good time, never been to canada.
  8. yeah i know he shoulda mucked after the mini raise..but like i said this guy was nuts...and about the guy questioning the HH..i didnt make this up..come on im druink..i dont hav etim for that..and i guess it means i raised 40 from 0 to $40..all sites HH are diff..this is absolutes if u wanna check nething out..but im pumped right now after the bad nite last nite.
  9. so im drunk and happy as hell. I had a good week..but lost 400 last nite..but this hand came up..this guy was on an absolute donk tear...outdrawin everyone..check out this hand..Stage #528531294: Holdem No Limit $1 - 2006-12-28 01:43:06 (ET)Table: POMPANO BEACH (Real Money) Seat #5 is the dealerSeat 5 - IWANTLESSONS ($22.55 in chips)Seat 6 - GCUBED ($49.60 in chips)Seat 1 - MARKM3451 ($37 in chips)Seat 2 - THA_DIRTIEST ($313.94 in chips)Seat 3 - BANGNINE ($211.65 in chips)Seat 4 - CHIPMYSTAK22 ($209.79 in chips)GCUBED - Posts small blind $0.50MARKM3451 - Posts big blind $1*** POCKET CARDS ***
  10. Hey me and my girlfriend are going up there too..leaving sunday coming back thursday. The hotels in the area are actually cheap, unless you stay at the fallsview resort. We got the sheridan (sp?) really nice hotel for $68 a night. except the hotels are 4X the price on new years eve, so were staying in a smaller one that was like $150 a night. But hotels dont look too bad in price, our place has a connected walkway right to casino niagara. Im pumped.
  11. Yeah I am looking into everything now..new years eve prices are QUADRUPLE!! -EV...but we are gonnna stay in a shitty hotel for new years eve..then the prices drop dramatically..4 star hotels for 68 a nite..for rest of nights. Going to be fun. Thanks. 2 casinos as well!!
  12. Damn you might be right, I didn't even think about that. I am really leaning towards Niagra now, looks like a really nice city, with lots to do.
  13. Alright, so I told my girlfriend for her birthday we would go to florida in early jan..but problems happend and that fell thru..so yesterday she brought up canada, so of course I was excited, since im 20 and its 19 there for cards and drinking. So we are planning on going just for 3-4 nights, and plan to spend new years there. We are right in chicago, so windsor is close(5 hr 20 min) and then I looked into niagara falls (9 hr 20 min) which is also def. driveable. Which casino is better? How is the play?Since this trip is not all about the poker, which city is just better for the girlfriend wit
  14. Is there anywhere to download a free software of any kind for a computer that keeps track of the time levels and blinds and etc.. for home game tournys? Thanks!
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