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  1. meh I have been partying every Sunday previous this season and have only watched about three games in the entirety all year so it would just be wasted money.
  2. Seems weird to me that they arent having that game on national TV.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQgvqqdQp9UThis is from early September first one that popped up. Do you guys think the fan vote actually matters for Cyber Sunday or is it just a way for them to make money off the text charges? Also Smackdown hasnt been on for like three weeks in a row now. did they switch stations or something, I used to get it on the station i get out of New York CW or whatever it is.
  4. Can someone post results or a summary, use spoiler tags proobably for others though.
  5. Welcome to the 2008-2009 season Pierre Marc Bouchard.
  6. J10 suited only deep stacked thoughwho else is on this card and is it on JTV or something like that?I do not see Cote winning this at all.
  7. So did the guy have Quad 7s or what? i didnt see any results except for one guy had Kings and one guy folded four 4s.
  8. NICKELBACKThank you SuitedAces for recommending them.
  9. Got a question me and a friend are in a bar league where you pick all the winners and we are torn on these three games. I picked Miami over Buffalo, San Diego over New Orleans and Cleveland over Jacksonville. those are the only three that we dont agree on any thoughts? He wants me to change at my discretion but if i go in there I aint coming out til closing time lol.
  10. I can totally see myself in ten years still single and on the holidays heading to Vegas. With the extended weekend its perfect so Im wondering if that happens a lot right now.
  11. He parties he just doesnt gamble.
  12. magnus72


    Stocking at Target at night wouldnt be to bad depending on your social life I guess.
  13. I was talking to Knollie on aim during the last hour or so of the tourney and commented on some of the rail chat but he wasnt bothered by it. He was playing on a stake so if anyone is pissed about it it should be I_fold8.
  14. I think its only the 2nd time in history you guys have the oppurtunity for a 15 game parlay. Just throwing that out there lol. Good luck tonight.
  15. yeah and god forbid you knock over a joshua tree
  16. magnus72


    ll drink a Busch Light to that lol.
  17. Im happy for your success and wouldl ove a stake but im drunk and dont want to play hammered on someone elses dime gl to your horses. im going to the bar
  18. glglglI had over 1000 posts and knew about the rail thred but was to drunk to care and posted my own thread and thats how you lose lol.I would rail but im bad luck tonight so i cant im off to the bar maybe better luck there.tid
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