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  1. I do not believe for a second that evil dick and his daughter are feuding. It seemed like the daughter could hardly keep a straight face when they were trying to sell this story to the house-- of course I might have no idea what I am talkin about ala the casey anthony jury--as for the model--- yes please!
  2. great post, agree with all but bolded-- they don't even show them anymore-- I never watch previews (to many spoilers nowadays) but the first 15 minutes was some of the worse tv I have ever seen. I will watch because I have a vampire addiction but hope the previews were accurate and the season picks up.
  3. to borrow a famous sports quote " I don't believe what i just saw!" I sat there during the entire credits with my mouth open. I am so lost after every episode I had kinda of forgotten that was where her storyline was headed.for those that have read the books does the first book end exactly where the tv show ended? ( do you think any parts from the first book might still be used in season 2?) I have hated every movie which I have read the book first. So looking to read but stay behind the tv show-- thanks
  4. as always tanner is spot on-- have zero interest in watching repeaters. I also am sick with redemption island returning. I will seriously do some research on the new cast. I love the show and it will be hard not to watch but "RI" really bugs me. Gamebreaker for not watching--on a side note--- funny how we watch 20+ hours and really see nothing. I mean shocking that the girls knew Rob had the idol. I sat there every episode thinking he was pulling the wool over everybody and then find out he just flat told them I have it--- wownot even going into editing-- I am sure most reaction sho
  5. can't argue with 100,00 being great incentive! But that is the problem. They were playing for that only. Any competitor would have been trying to get rob out right after the merge while still maintaining numbers. I would have tried to get Matt on my side instead of blindsliding him a second time. Using matt and the other tribe members to vote rob off. Even if you fail and get voted out then you can look in the mirror knowing you did what you had to do. Agreed once you let it get to 5 and rob with an idol it is too late.of course I am just monday morning quarterbacking. if I was on th
  6. agree with you going after phillip would have been a better strategy but you have to go after Rob. As a competitor, it is the only move. You do not play for second. If you fail then so be it. Atleast you were voted off doing what is the best chance for you to win. I would rather finish 5th trying to win then second by helping the eventual winner. Of course I am asking alot by expecting them to start playing the game. They showed from day one they had zero idea how to play--great posts by Mercury and Gov-- agree agree agree
  7. great points but Phillip kinda got what he deserved. He had treated them that way the whole game so I can understand giving him the same medicine. But it does seem like tact is becoming extinct.Agreed can not say how i would react but the bitterness is amazing. Nathalie was the one who i felt sorry for. They called her creepy, weird and useless several times. I mean the girl's only 19. Leave her alone. Rob was the only one to see she needed help and was loyal so you rail her because you couldn't play her like rob did. Julie is amazing creature as well. You take the low road and hide a
  8. absolutely!-- it really felt like a yes because I have to say yes. It was a very lackluster answer. Spot on with Grant- does he really think that his teamates/friends were not doing everything possible to make the team and make sure he got cut. Friendly to his face and kissing coaches rear ends behind his back. It is about making a living. He should have understood.maybe he was upset at Rob's confessionals. He must not understand that is what reality tv wants. Rob doesn't even believe half the things he said. He just knew it would be good tv. It was also why he was invited on the sh
  9. yes sir lol but Nathalie did the same thing. Her first statement was I got here by aligning with Rob. Both Nathalie and Phillip's opening statements basically said Rob played better. Has anybody ever managed this game to have two less qualified people beside him in the final-- lol his IQ not withstanding-- how anyone could have written "Phile" down on any card after being told Rob got me here is comicalOne last thing -- Rob played a perfect game but can't say it was the best ever. Hard to call best ever when your the only one playing the game. (either tribe) it was like the other contest
  10. phillip winning-- ??? that is crazy--woops - sorry didn't mean to go racial
  11. Excellent--- so Mr. Capell when is your sentencing. nice finally learning your real name. I know how you love the race so you have the motive-- stay postive and your time in the joint will fly by.
  12. I really enjoy this show. But must admit without reading the books, almost every scene/episode makes me scratch my head. As for Tyrion with Ros scene wasn't that in the first episode. (When he was interrupted by Jamie). could be way off just guessing-- looking forward to the last 6 episodes--
  13. dang you Rose -- I knew I had you and knew I got outplayed!-- (pocket sixes) I was always calling and the longer I tanked I talked myself out of it. this peanut player is learnin -- will get there someday-- well played d'oh
  14. completely agree-- but this why the season has been so boring. Rob to this point has dominated to the point of boredom. If Rob was not on this season it could have been extremely entertaining. IMO, these are the worse startegy players ( as a whole) that has ever been on survivor. It is like these people have never watched the show and have zero idea how to play. Without Rob's leadership, there is no telling what entertaining bonehead moves would have been made! But with that said---go Rob
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