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  1. Being from Minnesota I am watching this. Also my cousin is the Representitive that introduced the bill yesterday. Here is the link to the article for people that are interested.http://www.cardplayer.com/poker-news/artic...ban-poker-sites
  2. That was a horrible game by Minnesota. They couldn't pass or have any puck control. That was not their normal team. They had way too many penalties and deserved most of them. They better go back to the way they played during the year instead of this try to bully teams around crap. I thought they would have started Harding and then thought he would go in after 2 goals, but for whatever reason Lemaire waited until the start of the third to put him in.Colorado played great especially on the power play (4 goals).
  3. Why do some Avs fans think that the Wild players are "goons"? I have read it in a few places. Just curious on your view as an Avs fan.
  4. Officiating sucked. Great game. Another go at it tonight. Will the age of the Avs hurt them vs the Wild's young team? Minnesota is very good on the back end of the back to back games. I am going to say the Wild win in regulation tonight.
  5. Yet another great game. This time a little better. Hopefully Parrish will be back on Monday. The last minute sucked, but that call could have gone either way. I wish the refs would have called one of the goalie interference calls that they missed. Maybe it is alright for Forsberg to skate through the crease and run into the goalie.
  6. I don't know about Michigan, but Minnesota was never expected to do good this year. They finished 5th in the WCHA. Their top player left halfway through the season to play for some NY Islander team.
  7. I was hoping for Michigan vs North Dakota and now we have to settle for Notre Dame vs Boston College. GO BC. Notre Dame in the NCAA Hockey finals sounds so wrong.
  8. I have no idea what you are talking about. The only call I remember them missing was when some Avs player stuck his stick between the legs of a Minnesota player ,who had the puck, tripping him. The Avs players even acting like it was a penalty. They just stood up and skated slowly until they realized they didn't blow the whistle. We are now down 4 players, Schultz, Skoula, Parrish and Foster. Bad time for injuries. I better have extra beer around for tonights game.
  9. Last night was dissapointing after dominating the first period. Great game to watch for any hockey fan. I havent heard anything about Parrish, but hopefully he will be back soon. Down 0-1, but will tie it up tomorrow.
  10. So the fun starts tonight against the Avs. Schultz is out for the series and possibly the playoffs. Good luck boys, remember to get retaliation on Laperriere for his cheap shot on Gaborik after overtime ended.
  11. Does anyone know if the NHL banned his song when goals are scored or was that up to individual teams? If it is not banned by the NHL, do any teams still use it? I know it had to do with his child sexual abuse, but I don't know what the NHL did about it.
  12. Great game. The are playing great hockey right now.
  13. Time to wrap up the division and the #3 seed in the playoffs. Flames @ Wild tonight
  14. Will the Wild win their 1st division title tonight? They need Vancouver to beat Colorodo and Edmonton to beat Calgary.
  15. It is looking good for the Wild to win their first division championship. They need 2 more points to clinch it with 2 games left or a loss by Calgary and I think Colorodo might need to lose one also. They are playing a lot better than two weeks ago. Now it is time for the playoffs.
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