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  2. Bump, the store is finally open, if your in the AZ area stop by and say hello sometime. Wyatt, Casafuma.com
  3. The limits go as low as 3-6 but the 5-150 is money IMO. They are building the hotel at the casino now but won't be open for another year or so. Scottsdale is right next to Phoenix and there are plenty of hotels to choose from.
  4. Best place to play poker in AZ is in scottsdale @ Casino Arizona. It's the biggest and spreads the best limits.
  5. A law was passed in AZ about two years ago called smoke free Arizona. Basically saying you can't smoke at bars restaurants, and within 20 feet of any business entry. Fortunately this rule does not apply if you sell more than 50% tobacco products so we are in the clear to smoke inside. It's really nice because there is some ways to get around laws and we should be selling beer and wine within a few months, making us one of a few places in the state (besides indian casinos) that you can smoke and drink inside.
  6. Retail, have worked in the industry for about 4 years. My friend and I are getting ready to open a new lounge in AZ in about a week. It's going to be really nice, been staining the floors all day today. Going to have six plasmas, bar, private lockers, 600 sf patio, $200,000 in inventory, golden tee, all leather etc.....Oh and I am also a full time college student at ASU.
  7. PS does not have rakeback, but I think they may have a referral code.
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