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  1. As you wish Master, I've added you to my sig Master.
  2. at least I'm not scammming like canadian83, he's the moron not me, I'm basically just asking for change, as simple as that, not hard to understand mate.
  3. "If you think I'm sexy, common baby let me know", so the words from Rod Stewart's song.Well there is this WPT Babe that I'm attracted to, no I'm not talking about Shana Hiatt or Mike Sexton, I'm talking about Ms.Linda Johnson.There are three things that I look at when I'm watching her.First is her dress, I like seeing Linda wearing low cut dresses that would reveal her cleavage, I get so excited when I see her giant melons.Second is when she remove her eyeglasses and insert the temple part into her mouth, wow, just wow.And lastly is when she again open her mouth and say's, "Shuffle up and deal
  4. its part of my culture, its comfort food, see the link for the picturehttp://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http:/...=image&cd=1
  5. I had to take a half day off work today, I went to Sylmar this morning to look for my Aunt who were affected by the fires. My Grandpa texted me from the Philippines saying to look for my Aunt in Sylmar Highschool and to check for there condition. Coming from a broken family I'm not that close to my Father's side of the family but seeing the devastation on TV I was compelled to drive down there.Before I went there I cooked some porridge and put it on a big crock pot, it was hell getting to that area not only because of the traffic but some parts of the area you can't get into because the police
  6. Could you be the most beautiful girl in the world, Ms.Linda Johnson, pls say shuffle up and deal and I'm gonna cum
  7. thanks, maybe some of peeps here have a rough childhood that smiling is not an option anymore, maybe they played hide the salami with there greasy uncle when they were young.
  8. I was playing NL online last night with 2 female poker players, they were talking about life in general, then suddenly the other other lady shared that she is breast feeding while playing. I was cool with that but not this kid who said, "Yuck, that's disgusting, we didn't need to know that". these two female players became Angry Vaginas alternately berating the kid until the poor kid left, I just kept quite which is unusual, I normally like to take part on these kind of situations.Lots of good female poker players, Did you that Barbara Enright is the first female poker player who've reach the
  9. Chuck does not need stake, but yall can ship me some change,PS nick, "kobenator"please I'm begging you.
  10. Chuck went to Pakistan and killed Osama bin Laden, but dont tell anybody, its top secret, not even the US government is aware of this, I'm only sharing this coz I love FCP.
  11. somebody is going to bleed like a mothafacka
  12. mothafacka, stfu, I can kick your azz and suck your tiny d!ck at the same time, I can lick your azzhole and bake you some cookies at the same time, if you let me.
  13. Chuck feels bad for ship_it, soChuck will swim from US to Canada to track this guy downChuck already already gave a copy of this punk's picture to Canada's Most WantedChuck also talked to Celine Dion(Canadian) about this issue and will sing that damn Titanic song to sympathize with ship_it.Chuck also will get Pamela Anderson(Canadian) to give ship_it a lapdance wearing nothing but his fake bumpers.
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